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Marketing tasks

Active (Assigned) Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Talk bubbles MairinDuffy 1 update on 7/3 Initial artwork is done here , and Mo is now working on quotes for a printer to do die cut stickers in massive quantities. We will wait for a great quote for die cut like the Firefox stickers we got in Brazil.
Collateral Library on wiki MairinDuffy 1 ongoing Gather all various collateral we have for events, media, stickers, etc and put it in one place in the wiki. Much progress, and Mizmo continues to attack this. See Artwork/MarketingCollateral for latest.
Getting video upload script working JonathanRoberts 1 update on 7/3 We need a simple tool that allows users to upload video info for the Miro channel. JonRob will pursue this with web folks, but looks like no progress yet as of 6/26.
Simple istanbul videos for F9 features MichaelBeckwith 1 ongoing We now have many ideas at: Now we need to continue to drive people to create them, which will be an ongoing process.
MarketingPlan : 1.1.3 -- Key Marketing Messages MaxSpevack 2 update as needed Max will update the plan document, mostly settled down for F9
MarketingPlan : 1.1.4 -- Strategies and Tactics JonathanRoberts and JeroenVanMeeuwen 2 update as needed Mostly settled down for F9 timeframe
MarketingPlan : -- Target Audience RahulSundaram 2 update as needed Settled for F9
MarketingPlan : 1.1.2 -- Brand Positioning GregDeKoenigsberg 2 update as needed Settled for F9
Single Source Summary Coordinating KarstenWade 2 punt to post-F9 Docs team is handling the SingleSourceSummary (SSS)

Completed Tasks

Task Name Mentor Priority Date Completed Details
Event box JeffreyTadlock 1 5/22 Good ideas here, but this is now in the province of the ambassador groups to make it happen.
Local Release Announcements KarstenWade 1 13 May KarstenWade got some info out, but maybe not in time -- unclear how much success we've had here, and no good way to follow up.
F9 Ambassador Word of Mouth campaign / release parties! FrancescoUgolini 1 15 May Lots of great events all over the world. Yaaay ambassadors!
Press release ( SSS ) PaulFrields, KaraSchiltz 1 13 May All done!
Gathering as many Fedora Stories as possible GregDeKoenigsberg 1 5/1 We have all the stories we're going to have for F9.
F9 talking points ( SSS ) PaulFrields 1 22 April Refer to the previous process as well as the instructions on the source page .
Press kit ( SSS ) PaulFrields, MaxSpevack, KaraSchiltz 1 22 April DONE -- Live USB press kit and Fedora 9 one-sheet is going out to all media who will be interviewing PaulFrields
Compiling a list of Linux publications RussellHarrison 1 4/24 We now have a great list of press contacts here .
Examples of success of "4 Fs" in F9 PaulFrields 1 4/3 All done.
Wiki Tutorial for Raleigh folks MaxSpevack 2 3/27/2008 Good for now
Gathering metrics for mktg purposes MaxSpevack 1 4/3 The Statistics page will be updated with all of the most interesting numbers we have, and will be linked from the SingleSourceSummary .
Beta Release Overview KarstenWade 2 ongoing check-in