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Marketing tasks

Active (Assigned) Tasks

Task Name Owner Priority Target Date Status/Notes
Talk bubbles MairinDuffy 1 update on 6/12 Initial artwork is done here , and Mo is now working on quotes for a printer to do die cut stickers in massive quantities. We will wait for a great quote for die cut like the Firefox stickers we got in Brazil.
Collateral Library on wiki MairinDuffy 1 ASAP Gather all various collateral we have for events, media, stickers, etc and put it in one place in the wiki. Right now it's a bit scattered.
Simple istanbul videos for F9 features MichaelBeckwith 1 update on 6/12 We now have many ideas at: Now we need to continue to drive people to create them.
Event box JeffreyTadlock 1 update on 5/22 Good ideas here, but this is now in the province of the ambassador groups to make it happen.
MarketingPlan : 1.1.3 -- Key Marketing Messages MaxSpevack 2 update as needed Max will update the plan document, mostly settled down for F9
MarketingPlan : 1.1.4 -- Strategies and Tactics JonathanRoberts and JeroenVanMeeuwen 2 update as needed Mostly settled down for F9 timeframe
MarketingPlan : -- Target Audience RahulSundaram 2 update as needed Settled for F9
MarketingPlan : 1.1.2 -- Brand Positioning GregDeKoenigsberg 2 update as needed Settled for F9
Single Source Summary Coordinating KarstenWade 2 punt to post-F9 Docs team is handling the SingleSourceSummary (SSS)

Completed Tasks

Task Name Mentor Priority Date Completed Details
Local Release Announcements KarstenWade 1 13 May KarstenWade got some info out, but maybe not in time -- unclear how much success we've had here, and no good way to follow up.
F9 Ambassador Word of Mouth campaign / release parties! FrancescoUgolini 1 15 May Lots of great events all over the world. Yaaay ambassadors!
Press release ( SSS ) PaulFrields, KaraSchiltz 1 13 May All done!
Gathering as many Fedora Stories as possible GregDeKoenigsberg 1 5/1 We have all the stories we're going to have for F9.
F9 talking points ( SSS ) PaulFrields 1 22 April Refer to the previous process as well as the instructions on the source page .
Press kit ( SSS ) PaulFrields, MaxSpevack, KaraSchiltz 1 22 April DONE -- Live USB press kit and Fedora 9 one-sheet is going out to all media who will be interviewing PaulFrields
Compiling a list of Linux publications RussellHarrison 1 4/24 We now have a great list of press contacts here .
Examples of success of "4 Fs" in F9 PaulFrields 1 4/3 All done.
Wiki Tutorial for Raleigh folks MaxSpevack 2 3/27/2008 Good for now
Gathering metrics for mktg purposes MaxSpevack 1 4/3 The Statistics page will be updated with all of the most interesting numbers we have, and will be linked from the SingleSourceSummary .
Beta Release Overview KarstenWade 2 ongoing check-in