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Pkgdb2 allows maintainers to request changes to their packages and then have those requests processed by admins. This completely replaces the previous process that used a template placed in bugzilla bugs and a script to scrape that information out.

New packages

For new packages, login to pkgdb and click on 'request new package'. Fill in the form with the required information and submit. Your request will be processed by admins usually within 24 hours.

Pseudo-users and Groups for SIGs

The following groups and pseudo-users in packagedb (shown on the left of the table) can be used in Owners and InitialCC when appropriate, so that bugzilla and commits mails get CC'ed to the relevant mailing-lists and groups can triage their bugs effectively. Note that the field does not accept email addresses; use the username on the left.

Multiple comaintainers recommended
When the primary owner of the package is a pseudo-user, it's recommended that there are multiple comaintainers (people with approveacls) on the package. That way, if one person leaves the project, the comaintainers are still able to approve acl requests for others
username email
anaconda-maint anaconda-maint-list[AT]
astronomy-sig astronomy[AT]
ctrl-center-team control-center-maint[AT]
design-sw design-devel[AT]
fonts-sig fonts-bugs[AT]
gecko-maint gecko-maint[AT]
group::gnome-sig gnome-sig[AT]
group::kde-sig kde-sig[AT]
hams-sig fedora-hams[AT]
haskell-sig haskell-devel[AT]
i18n-team i18n-bugs[AT]
java-sig java-devel[AT]
kernel-maint kernel-maint[AT]
lvm-team lvm-team[AT]
ml-sig ml[AT]
mono-sig fedora-mono[AT]
orphan extras-orphan[AT]
perl-sig perl-devel[AT]
group::python-sig python-sig[AT]
retired retired-packages[AT]
virtmaint fedora-virt-maint[AT]
xen-maint xen-maint[AT]
xgl-maint xgl-maint[AT]

Additional branches for existing packages

To request additional branches for an existing package, simply search for and go to that packages pkgdb page while logged in. Click on request new branch and submit.

If you have commit acls for the package your branch will be granted, if you do not (for example you wish to maintain a existing package in EPEL), the owner will be given 7 days to approve or reject your request and then (or earlier if approved) it will be processed.

Other requests

All other requests, such as unretiring a package or other changes should be filed as a ticket in the trac for handling by a release engineer. Note that with unretire requests you MUST include a link to the packages re-review for it to re-enter the collection.

Bug reports or issues

Please report issues with pkgdb to or