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We have a packaging wishlist with a large number of packages, many of them obsolete. To find out software Fedora users were using and missing out in the repository, a survey was conducted in Fedora forum, mailing lists and some linux user groups. The result is provided here for convenience.


Software Description upstream url review request/ rpms / comments
ebox web based administration tool similar to webmin debian focused upstream but willing to cooperating with interested developers
CSSC GNU sccs replacement actively maintained but stable. Package for slightly old version available at
remind reminder - alternative to evolution appointments already in Fedora from Fedora Core 6
qtmess popups small utility
wicd alternative to NetworkManager Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury is working on this:
mbrowse a graphical SNMP MIB browser
dbacl Powerful text classifier can be combined with procmail for spam filtering
chan capi chan-capi allows the Asterisk to use ISDN CAPI interface [SRPM]
JMRI OpenJDK needs to have java async communications interface. verify this
calender server caldev server
ferret Ferret is an interactive computer visualization for oceanographers
analog www logfile analyser and summary report generator
tork Anonymity Manager uses tor
cron-o-meter exercise calculator java software
kxstich KXStitch is a program that lets you create cross stitch patterns and charts KDE 3 application? no plans for KDE 4 port
freemind mind mapping java based
arista video transcoder Rahul Sundaram has a review request at
transmageddon video transcoder Rahul Sundaram has a spec. waiting on a new release of pyobject2 to fix a bug
ROOT data analysis framework
joomla content management system
gtapecalc desktop calculator with paper like output Rahul Sundaram is working on this
cmu common lisp lisp is available for Fedora but only for 32-bit systems. code is not ported to 64-bit systems yet.
dans guardian proxy filter
celtx media pre-production Netscape License - acceptable
inform fiction or former license is unclear seve from fedoraforum has a rpm for this
nicotine filesharing +
shoooes ruby framework
metasploit framework for creating security tools and exploits 3-clause BSD license
rasmol molecular visualization software
gbuffy mailbox biff program
JEP Java Math Expression Parser
argouml UML program
tinyuml UML program
phplot charts
linrad ham radio program
menumaker menu generator for small window managers like fluxbox Gireesh Sreekantan is working on this.
eucalyptus Amazon EC2 compatible cloud infrastructure
courier (imap and authlib) imap server mfleming has packages of both:
network stimulator ns-2 Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research old rpms at
qmail Mail transfer agent Some suggested patches at
djbdns DNS servers Some suggested patches at
daemontools tools for managing daemons Some suggested patches at
ucspi-tcp tools for running tcp services Some suggested patches at
ezmlm-idx mailing list software Dependent on qmail. Based on
Songbird Powerful media player, plugin extendible, uses XUL engine, similar to Amarok or iTunes but better ;) RPMS exist:
Navit GPS navigation system that can use OpenStreetMap maps
BackupNinja coordinate system backup by dropping a few simple configuration files into /etc/backup.d/. Most programs you might use for making backups don't have their own configuration file format.
Ossec Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.