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Some thoughts.

It seems like this is trying to address two separate use cases:

  • which spins are appropriate to run on my hardware?
  • how do I make a decision between the different spins?

I think that first use case is much more important than the second; and possibly the second could even be a different tool (as in, I wouldn't want to have to start going through hardware detection stuff just in order to find out the difference between the default GNOME and the KDE spin).

Going onto the hardware side, I think again there are two issues here:

  • is my hardware generally powerful enough?
  • is my hardware supported?

Answering the first question, when we know what the system is, is relatively easy. Answering the second is likely to be pretty tough in many cases, and the wizard would have to be careful to not suggest that it gives authoritative answers about hardware support (e.g. even where a chipset is known to be well supported, there are still odd cards which don't work for whatever reason).

It would be interesting to know whether in-browser tests (framerates for canvas, 3D support, plugins available, etc.) can give enough clues about the hardware being used to be useful.