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By DianaFong This project is closed


The face-browsing login will be included in Fedora 7, and a good set of User Images will add polish to the login experience. It is obvious that some of the existing User Images (located at /user/share/pixmaps/faces) would benefit from an update.

ALL submitted images WILL have a home unless it has inappropriate content. While it seems like 24 is a good amount for the default set to choose from, there could be far more great pictures created as a result of this submission request. All images, even the ones replaced from the current set will be packaged and included to provide more choices to Users. In addition, the bigger goal is to create an online repository of User Images for viewing and downloading. Therefore, after the deadline, all images, including that of the User Pictures Project, will be pushed upstream to GNOME so that they can benefit an even wider audience.

Deadline for submissions will be March 15 to make it in time for Fedora 7 Feature Freeze. After that, on March 16th, the 24 default images will be determined by myself and Visual Designers from Red Hat and from other distros.

The decisions will be based on the following criterion:

  1. Visual Quality: Very simply, is it a good image for its intended use?
  2. Resize Quality: It is important to remember that the selected User Images will appear in other related places such as the panel menu. Thus, how good it looks at various sizes will also be taken into consideration.
  3. Contrast and Color: Keep in mind that images with higher contrast will have better definition when resized.
  4. Appeal: How popular might this image be? Is it interesting to users?
  5. Uniqueness: How unique is your image? Unfortunately, if most of the submissions are flowers, your flower submission will have a lower chance of being selected. At most one or two flower images will be selected for the set. However, do not take this to mean that you should submit something totally obscure because that will not appeal to most users and so would hurt the chances of it being part of the default set as well.

In general, the existing 24 images set the bar if you will, and submissions should be an improvement on these.

Current Images

File:Artwork ArtTeamProjects FaceBrowser CurrentPics.png


<div style="width:100%;">
<img src="" />


Please submit TWO (2) versions, one square image in the largest size you can, and the other at 96x96. 96x96 matches the size of the existing images, but the images will be resized via code to fit the various use conditions. So you should test that the image will also work at the smaller sizes of 48x48 and 24x24. In addition, post Fedora 7 releases will aim for a login that looks more like this, where the image size will be much larger. Thus submitting a larger size will ensure that your image is available when that version of the login is implemented. If the image you submit is not large enough, then it may be that it will not work in the new design, and either you’ll be asked to redesign it, or a new image will replace yours. In addition, there are other use cases not covered here where larger images will be useful.


.svg for vector submissions and .png or .jpg for all others. The image can include semitransparency.

Gnome-look Directions

1. Create Account

2. Log in > click on ‘Add Content’ > upload the TWO (2) versions of your image (one large square original and one 96x96) and fill in the relevant information.
Notice the following…

  • Include UserImage - in the name of your submission, so that it will be easier to identify when I collect the images.
  • Select “Clipart” for the ‘Type’ field
  • GNOME-look allows for multiple uploads in an entry, so upload your original large square version AND a 96x96 version.
  • Select “GPL” for the ‘License’

This was easier than Open Clip Art and when you are done it should look like this .

Reference: Blog