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A place to contribute and track progress. Highlighted rows are claimed icons that are being created. If you are interested in creating an icon, please highlight in #00BBFF the icon(s) you are creating so as to prevent others from creating the same one(s).

New gallery: IconThemeStatus

Echo Theme in Fedora Development

Echo Theme has been packaged and is available in the Fedora repository.

yum install echo-icon-theme

Echo is now hosted on grab the source, execute the following command

git clone git://

Discussions and feedback can be posted to fedora-art-list .

Bug Reporting, Testing, and Quality Assurance Before filing a bug, please read through the list of existing bugs for echo-icon-theme. If your bug does not exist, enter a bug report using the Bugzilla bug entry page .

Apps to help test and manage JohnPalmieri...(additional info about the apps)

  • (echo_pull.tar.bz2) pulls icons from the wiki (you will need the icon-naming-utils package installed for this script to work)
  • (gtk-icon-coverage-check.tar.bz2) analyzes theme coverage and also allows you to designate which icon from the current theme would replace an icon in the existing theme.

Metaphors, naming and descriptions adopted from the Tango Project . The extra "16", "24" or "L" appended to each file name is so the icons could be saved and called with less confusion (but should be removed after you've downloaded it to correspond with the Tango naming scheme)...16=16x16pixel icons, 24=24x24pixel icons, L=larger version svg and 48x48 png ... if someone has a way to group the smaller and larger icons in separate folders please do so.

DianaFong derived "application-office icon" and "battery" from Tango's "application office" svg...should figure that legally and with the Tango group...though their CC-license allows for derivatives as long as this project is also share alike and they are given appropriate attribution. Also using globe from Bluecurve set.