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== Comments ==
== Comments ==
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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png


[edit] Fedora Floating Cubes Theme

  • It's based on some kind of projection of N dimensional cubes on plane.
  • You start with N dimensional cube and highlight some 3D cubes inside, than let the basic cube nearly disappear. You'll get something which looks like floating cubes.
  • There's infinite variations on this theme and it's easy to make.
  • The sketch is based on 15D cube

[edit] Round 1 Sketch

Artwork F8Themes FloatingCubes 15D-cube.png

File:Artwork F8Themes FloatingCubes 15D-cube.svg SVG Source]

[edit] Round 2

Artwork F8Themes FloatingCubes fedora 8 002.jpg

[edit] Comments