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Artwork ArtTeamProjects WikiDesign ArtTeamN1.png


Waves could symbolize infinity, freedom, voice, ... They are everywhere around us, and they have ideally smooth shapes.

Round 3 final artwork

Round 3

Sulphuric Waves

Burning Blue Sulphur

try 1

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.1.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.1.svg Source SVG]

try 2

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.2.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.2.svg Source SVG]

try 3

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.3.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.3.svg Source SVG]

try 4

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.4.png File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.burningblue.4.svg Source SVG]

try 5

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.5.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.5.plain.svg Plain SVG] File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.5.inkscape.svg Inkscape SVG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.5.1024.png 1024x768 PNG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.5.1680.png 1680x1050 PNG]

Alternative Wallpapers

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2.svg Source SVG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2.1024.png 1024x768 PNG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2.1680.png 1680x1050 PNG]

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2a.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2a.svg Source SVG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2a.1024.png 1024x768 PNG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.2a.1680.png 1680x1050 PNG]

I would go with a much darker shade of blue:

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.3.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.3.svg Source SVG]

And here's another lightier one:

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.4.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.4.plain.svg Plain SVG] File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.4.inkscape.svg Inkscape SVG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.4.1024.png 1024x768 PNG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.4.1680.png 1680x1050 PNG]

Artwork F9Themes Waves fc9waves-jb.png

A more gaseous approach.

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves fc9waves-jb.svg Inkscape SVG]

Round 2

surface of the water

Artwork F9Themes Waves water-surface.png

generated using the gimp fractal plugin. here is the gimp fractal data file that created it: File:Artwork F9Themes Waves water-surface.fractal

animated this could look cool: Artwork F9Themes Waves water-surface-anim.gif

sulfuric waves

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-layouts.png File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-layouts.svg Inkscape Source SVG]

Nicu came up with this idea on fedora-art-list so here is my attempt to render it. :)

there is a crazy idea about a detail view:

Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-detail.png


Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.1.png

File:Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.1.svg Inkscape Source SVG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.1.1024.png 1024x768 PNG] Artwork F9Themes Waves sulfuric-waves-wallpaper.1.1680.png 1680x1050 PNG]

Round 1

Waves on water

Throw some stones into the watter and see how the nice structure evolves. Can we do similar structure for backround? Here's the first (quick) sketch

Artwork F9Themes Waves waves-sketch1.png File:Artwork F9Themes Waves waves-sketch1.svg SVG]


From Mairin

I really like this! It's very calm-looking. It reminds me of Japanese zen gardens. For example:

"Zen Garden" by Timothy (timtak) ; licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 License .

I really, really love the idea of bringing more natural things to Fedora's artwork, and I really think the sketch above is a great start!

  • From TrondDanielsen: I think it would be cool if the pattern would change during the day to make the waves propagate outward just like the current theme changes colors during the day.

"Still" pictures of different waves, all at one time

It's like if you wave some fibred piece of cloth and see how the wave structure creates. Here's the first (quick) sketch

Artwork F9Themes Waves waves-sketch2.png File:Artwork F9Themes Waves waves-sketch2.svg SVG]

Distroting reflections

Waves do distort reflected images, gimp has nice feature to do that - Waves... Here's the first (quick) sketch showing this feature in work on simple background with hand written random text on it (two colours).

Artwork F9Themes Waves waves-sketch3.png