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Fedora 8 Media Art

This page will hold various artwork for use on CD/DVD: labels, envelopes, jackets, jewel cases, etc. for Fedora 8.

CD/DVD Labels

File:Artwork MediaArt F8 F8-DVD-Thumb.png
Fedora 8 DVD PNG, SVG
File:Artwork MediaArt F8 F8-Live-Thumb.png
Fedora 8 Live PNG, SVG

CD/DVD Jewel Case and Box

File:Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi CDSlim ArtWork CD DVD F8 Thumb.png
F8 CD/DVD Slim Jewel Case PNG, SVGZ
File:Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi Box ArtWork CD DVD F8 mizmo Thumb.png
F8 Folding CD/DVD Box PNG, SVGZ
File:Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi DVDCover ArtWork CD DVD F8 Thumb.png
Please do not use SVG files below as we are waiting for updated SVG files. In meanwhile you could download a high resolution PNG (300 dpi) print ready.
File:Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi CD DVD Artwork F8 0x01 Thumb.png
F8 CD/DVD Alternate Design PNG, SVG