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Fedora 8 Media Art

This page will hold various artwork for use on CD/DVD: labels, envelopes, jackets, jewel cases, etc. for Fedora 8.

CD/DVD Labels

Artwork MediaArt F8 F8-DVD-Thumb.png
Fedora 8 DVD PNG, SVG
Artwork MediaArt F8 F8-Live-Thumb.png
Fedora 8 Live PNG, SVG

CD/DVD Jewel Case and Box

Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi CDSlim ArtWork CD DVD F8 Thumb.png
F8 CD/DVD Slim Jewel Case PNG, SVGZ
Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi Box ArtWork CD DVD F8 mizmo Thumb.png
F8 Folding CD/DVD Box PNG, SVGZ
Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi DVDCover ArtWork CD DVD F8 Thumb.png
Please do not use SVG files below as we are waiting for updated SVG files. In meanwhile you could download a high resolution PNG (300 dpi) print ready.
Artwork MediaArt F8 Succi CD DVD Artwork F8 0x01 Thumb.png
F8 CD/DVD Alternate Design PNG, SVG