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Nodoka Notification Theme Draft


We use the notification system a lot - to notify user of old battery, empty battery, new mail, playing song, installed packages, available updates, ... so it should be given some love. The current theme is plain, and in a word ugly. So we propose to create a notification theme as part of the Nodoka Theme .

Notification messages are handled by libnotify, we need to look at it's theming possibilites, what we can do to make it look nice.

We target this on F10.

Current look

Whole Desktop

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-orig-low.png

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-orig-normal.png

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-orig-critical.png

Desired look

First sketch

Idea: provide clean, warm look with soft Nodoka-like gradients

Whole Desktop

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-low.png File:Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-low.svg Inkscape SVG]

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-normal.png File:Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-normal.svg Inkscape SVG]

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-critical.png File:Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-critical.svg Inkscape SVG]

New look


Whole Desktop Screenshot

Whole Desktop Screenshot with Compositing Enabled

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-new-low.png

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-new-normal.png

Artwork NodokaTheme NotificationTheme notify-new-critical.png




Source Code in git


After you install the package, set gconf '/apps/notication-daemon/theme' key to 'nodoka'.

You can do it e.g. using 'Configuration Editor', which is in gconf-editor package.