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Wiki Banners


Defaultbanner.png File:Defaultbanner.svg

Promo Banners

These banners were developed for promoting Fedora and also serve as a historical record of Fedora promotions across various releases.

Please feel free to use these banners to promote Fedora on your own site. Make sure you're promoting the latest version since there are some out-of-date banners here! :)

Feature Banners


What Fedora will you make?

Artwork PromoBanners what-fedora-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners what-fedora-banner.svg SVG Source]

DJ Spins

Artwork PromoBanners dj-spin-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners dj-spin-banner.svg SVG Source]


Artwork freemedia banner.png

File:Artwork freemedia zipped SVG Source]

Art Team

[[1]] Art team ]


Artwork famsco bannerN1.png

File:Artwork famsco zipped SVG Source]

People in Fedora

Paul Frields Interview - Jan 2008

Artwork PromoBanners paul jan08-banner.png

(note - I can't seem to find the source for this :( )

Generic Interview Banner

Artwork PromoBanners generic interview-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners generic interview-banner.svg SVG Source] Note: in the SVG XML, change the 'interviewee-name' text to be the name of whichever interviewee you'd like to highlight. You'll need the MgOpen fonts (yum install mgopen-fonts) :)

dcbw interview

Artwork PromoBanners dcbw interview-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners dcbw interview-banner.svg SVG Source]

Partner Sites

Fedora Weekly News

Artwork PromoBanners fedora-news-banner.png

Fedora Hosted

Artwork PromoBanners fedora-hosted-banner-garden.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora-hosted-banner-garden.svg SVG Source]

Fedora Teams & Sigs

Fedora Mentoring

Artwork PromoBanners fedora-mentors-banner.png

Fedora Events

Fedora by Night

Artwork PromoBanners fedora-by-night.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora-by-night.svg SVG Source]

Artwork PromoBanners fedora-by-night-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora-by-night-banner.svg SVG Source]

Fedora Release Banners

Fedora 12 "Unite."

Fedora 12 released banner (big)

Fedora12-released-banner-big 1e.png

Fedora 12 released banner (small)

Fedora12-released-banner-small 1e.png

Fedora 11 "Reign."

Fedora 11 released banner (big)

Fedora11-released-banner-big 1e.png
SVG Source

Fedora 11 released banner

Fedora11-released-banner-small 1.png
SVG Source

Fedora 11 release counter

Deepsky-fedora11-countdown-banner 1c.png
SVG Source

Based on an original background image by Tony the Misfit and downloaded from

Fedora 11 Beta

Deepsky-fedora11-beta-banner 2d.png
SVG Source

Fedora 11 Alpha

SVG Source

Fedora 10 "Fire it up"

Fedora 10 released banner (big)

SVG Source

Fedora 10 released banner

SVG Source

Fedora 10 simple banner

SVG Source

Fedora 10 release counter

SVG Source Spanish SVG Source German SVG Source

Fedora 10 Beta

SVG Source

Fedora 9 "Make Waves"

Fedora 9 Release

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9 0day banner.png File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9-0day-banner.svg SVG Source]

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9 indexed.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9.svg SVG Source]

Artwork PromoBanners f9animatedbanner 1.gif

File:Artwork PromoBanners f9animatedbanner 1.tar.gz Source(PNG,XCF,SVG)]

Artwork PromoBanners f9animatedbanner 2.gif

File:Artwork PromoBanners f9animatedbanner 2.tar.gz Source(PNG,XCF,SVG)]

Release counter (based on the Beta banner):

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9-countdown-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9-countdown-banner.svg SVG Source]

Fedora 9 Beta

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9beta-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9beta-banner.svg SVG Source]

Fedora 9 Alpha

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9alpha-banner mo.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9alpha-banner mo.svg SVG Source]

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9alpha-banner nicu.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9alpha-banner nicu.svg SVG Source]

Artwork PromoBanners fedora9alpha-banner2 mo.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora9alpha-banner2 mo.svg SVG Source]

Fedora 8 "Go higher."

Artwork PromoBanners fedora8-infinity-banner.gif

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora8-infinity-banner.svg SVG Source for artwork]

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora8-infinity-banner.xcf XCF Source for animation]

Artwork PromoBanners fedora8-countdown-banner.png

File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora8-countdown-banner.svg SVG Source]

Fedora 7

Artwork PromoBanners fedora7-banner-small.png File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora7-banner-small.svg SVG Source]

Artwork PromoBanners fedora7-banner-big.png File:Artwork PromoBanners fedora7-banner-big.svg SVG Source]

Fedora 6

Artwork PromoBanners fedora6-banner.jpg


Proud Fedora User

100x40 pixels


Proud Fedora Contributor

100x40 pixels


I Use Fedora

100x40 pixels


Powered By Fedora

Marketing Banners powered by fedora.png

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