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Puplet Icons

JeremyKatz and SethVidal are working on a little applet for pup called puplet. ([1] ). It needs some icons:

  • 'Updates are available and need to be applied'
  • 'The system is currently downloading updates' (will help explain to users why their system may be running a bit slowly)
  • 'Updates have been applied'
  • Pup is confused / error condition (maybe network is down)

Puplet Icon Mockups

Mizmo's try: each sample icon is an alternative. Not thinking about animation yet. One thing to keep in mind is we may want to show which type of package updates are available, in terms of security severity vs bug fix vs enhancement, so going without the CD-ROM will let us use sub-icons.

File:Artwork PupletIcons puplet-updatesavailable-2-mizmo.png File:Artwork PupletIcons puplet-updatesavailable-mizmo.png