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Location For Menu Entries And Customization

Joe Klemmer <>: I have all three of the major desktop environments installed on my systems. My primary is Xfce but I do use GNOME or KDE at times. One thing I have found is that the menu's are not consistent across desktops. On my system Fedora 7 box it seems that KDE has MANY more entries in it's menu than GNOME or Xfce. Xfce generates it's menu on the fly and I'm guessing that the other two do as well. Is there any standard for placement of .desktop files? Something more effective than "locate .desktop"

As an adjunct to this, is there a proper place for users to put manually created .desktop files? I have been putting them with the regular ones in /usr/share/applications/ but I'd be more at ease if there were a place under $(HOME) to put them. Something other than $(HOME)/Desktop as I wish to have entries in the menus but not on the desktop.

Desktop menu entries in GNOME, KDE and Xfce among others follow the desktop entry specification [1] . The specification allows for certain entries to be shown only in one particular desktop environment or excluded from others based on the how they are specified in the desktop files in Fedora packages. The menu is generated dynamically from the ".desktop" files.

The system default folder in Fedora for menu entries is /usr/share/applications. See the specification for more details.


64-bit Java Plugin

Lane Brooks <>: What options are there for getting a Java plugin working on 64bit Firefox?

Sun has after a long delay committed[1] to a 64-bit plugin for Java version 1.7. Meanwhile the usual solution is to install the 32-bit version of Firefox which is available in the Fedora repository and continue using the 32-bit plugin.