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GIMP 2.4.1 and Fedora 7

Hasson Ofer <hassonofer AT> : Will you make official gimp 2.4.1 package to fedora 7 ?

I've requested the push:

These are the update notes as of now:

This update is a major version change. Please test thoroughly. Don't flag it as working unless you have done really extensive testing! I don't want to push this to stable too soon.

For new features and other changes, please read the release notes of GIMP 2.4 on the web:

GIMP 2.4 is supposed to be compatible to older GIMP 2.x versions as far as plug-ins are concerned. It also uses the TinyScheme interpreter now for Script-Fu scripts which is a bit less forgiving about certain programming errors. If you use custom Script-Fu scripts, you might have to fix them to work in GIMP 2.4. Read the Script-Fu Migration Guide on the web for further information:

-- NilsPhilippsen

Automatic Security Updates

Jenni and Adri <jattas AT> : I am a new user of Fedora and notice the regular updates. Some of them are huge. I have a 1 Gb monthly down and upload allowance and after that my ISP slows the speed of my internet service down. I used to let the updates download regardless, but I discovered that the size was that large that I nearly lost all capacity in the first 5 or 6 days of the month.

My question is: Is it possible to indicate the size of the automatic down loads so that I know how large the down loads are, so that I can do these down loads when it is the end of the service month?

While the software updater (Pup) does not show the size of the updates, there are two nifty yum plugins that can save you the hassle of keeping track of package sizes. The first is a plugin called yum-security that shows only the security updates and the second is a plugin called yum-presto [1] that downloads only the binary diff's on software updates instead of a full new package and can save you quite a lot of bandwidth and time. Use a combination of both and you don't have to worry about running out of bandwidth.