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این صفحه لیستی از به روش‌ها در استفاده از Ask fedora ارائه می‌دهد:

لطفا در افزودن هر نکته‌ای به لیست راحت باشید. اگر نیاز به بحث پیرامون چیزی دارید لطفا آن را با مدیران مطرح کنید، می‌توانید ما را در #fedora-ask[?] پیدا کنید.


یک ویدئو ۵ دقیقه‌ای را ببینید که به شما کمک خواهد کرد کار با Ask Fedora را شروع کنید:

  • به زودی


  • مستندات رسمی فدورا را ببینید
  • مستندات سریع را ببینید. این مستندات وظایف و موارد معمول مثل نصب اسکایپ و کدک‌های مالتی‌مدیا را پوشش می‌دهند.
  • از دسته‌های ویژه‌ی زبان درست استفاده کنید: باید به گروه زبان مطلوب خود بپیوندید و با زبانی که می‌پندید در دسته‌های درست ارسال کنید
  • از دسته‌های موضوع درست استفاده کنید: باید از دسته‌های موضوعی صحیح برای ارسال سوالات خود استفاده کنید.
  • هوشمندانه از برچسب‌ها استفاده کنید: در حد امکان به جای اضافه کردن برچسب‌های جدید از برچسب‌های موجود استفاده کنید. که باعث می‌شود سوال شما بهتر دیده شود. فقط کاربر با سطح اعتماد ۴ می‌تواند برچسب‌ها را اضافه/حذف/به‌روز کند.
  • Search before you post: Search the interweb and then Ask Fedora itself before posting your question.
  • If you have more than one question, post them separately: Do not write a post that says “many Fedora questions” and ask them all together. You should ask each question separately so that they can receive individual answers.
  • It is perfectly OK to answer a question that you asked: There's nothing stopping you from answering your own questions. When you do, please post your answer separately, and not in the question description.
  • File bugs in bugzilla: If it is a package related issue or you are requesting an update for some package, do so directly via bugzilla. If you haven't done that before, refer to How to file a bug report.
  • Ask questions in a useful manner: Here are some more tips on getting answers.
  • Provide information about to help people help you better: People can't help you if you do not provide specific information on the issue you face. Some commands and logs that you should look for information to provide with your questions:
  • Use formatting tools: When you want to post information along with your question, please use the tools, such as quoting, code snippet etc. If folks can’t read your questions quickly, they are not likely to answer them.
  • Please do not append "[Solved]" to your question summaries: Please do not add the tag [Solved] to your question summaries. If you received an answer that solved the issue, please mark the answer as correct and reward the helper with Badged. There is no need to modify the question summary.
  • Subscribe to questions you ask/answer/comment: A lot of answered questions are not marked so because the original person asking the question hasn’t responded to follow up queries!
  • If you see someone not using the forum correctly, point it out: Comment telling them what they're doing wrong politely.
  • Last but not least be polite and refrain from ranting: Ranting makes people not want to help you. There isn't anything else to it. If you're polite, folks will want to help you.



خط‌مشی‌ها و مسئولیت‌های مدیران

  • Ensure Ask Fedora is free of spam. With only FAS login enabled, there should not be much spam on the forum.
  • All questions, answers and comments must follow the Fedora code of conduct.
  • Encourage users to be helpful and participate actively.
  • Remind users of the guidelines listed above.
  • Ensure that questions are tagged appropriately.
  • Delete duplicate questions if they are exactly the same and have been posted by mistake.
  • If questions are very similar in content, you may close the duplicate question but MUST leave a comment pointing to the original question.
  • Do not close questions just because they are answered. Leave it open unless there are special circumstances that warrant closing.

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