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Revision as of 11:31, 25 April 2011 by Sundaram (talk | contribs) is a question and answer oriented forum similar to Stackoverflow or Yahoo Answers. It is written in Python and Django. You can file bug reports via and the source code is at It is developed and maintained by Evgeny Fadeev


  • Rahul Sundaram is leading a effort to package askbot and all its build time and runtime dependencies for Fedora. The goal is to get a instance of it running in say and serve as a forum for questions and answers. The dependencies are useful for various other projects as well.
  • Rahul Sundaram is in touch with the upstream developer, Evgeny Fadeev (evgeny.fadeev gmail) who is willing to help out with integration with Fedora Account System
  • Toshio from Fedora Infrastructure team raised the question of liability and Red Hat Legal has clarified that there isn't any. It is like the users list where end users answers other user questions and we don't have to moderate the answers. Thanks to Spot for helping with a quick response.
  • Theming needed

Who uses Askbot?

Also WindRiver (Intel) has a internal instance running

Waiting on review (review requests by Rahul Sundaram)

django-keyedcache -

django-robots -

django-countries -

django-celery -

django-kombu -

python-coffin -

askbot -

Other dependencies (pre-existing review requests)

python-celery (dep of django-celery) -

django-picklefield (dep of python-celery) -

python-kombu (dep of python-celery) -

python-html5lib (runtime dep of askbot) -