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Athens Digital Week

When and Where

14 - 18 October 2009 , Athens GREECE

ADW official site



  • Fancy Fedora corner/helpdesk
  • Live USB stick creation station
  • CD/DVD distribution
  • Flyer distribution (What is Fedora, etc)
  • Wearing Fedora Shirts ;)
  • Subscribe people to our announcement mailing list
  •  ?? is going to give a talk on Fedora 12

Current action items - TODOs

  • CD/DVD acquisition (??)
    • We probably need many of them.
  • 2 laptops set-up as USB stick creation stations (pap, chr)
  • Fedora poster (pap)
  • Fedora banner (pap)
  • Flyer
    • Preparation (pap)
    • Printing (??)
  • Collateral printing (...):
    • Stickers (thousands of them!)
  • Print polo shirts (??)
  • Print a T-shirt especially for the conference?
  • Need a good blue tablecloth (chr)
  • Post invitation/announcement on linux-greek-users, open-source etc.
  • Blog a lot to let people know
  • Web banner for our presence perhaps... useful when someone wants to blog about it. (mario)

Booth Personnel

(in alphabetic order)

Name Booth setup Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Pierros Papadeas X X X X X X
Christos Bacharakis X X X X X
Antonoudiou Marios X X


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