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Fedora Atomic Working Group

The Fedora Atomic Working Group works to bring integrate new OS technology and tools from Project Atomic into Fedora.

Get Fedora Atomic Host Images!

Grab media to install a bare-metal node, launch a cloud instance or start up a local VM

Fedora Atomic Image Download Links

The links below are meant to allow for users to have a "single point of download" so that the location may be stored or used in a scripted way to always download the latest image.

A couple of things to note:

  • The _latest URLs are simply 302 redirects to the actual image name and URL for the mirror network
  • The image that is actually downloaded will be unique for every release, it's name will be the same as is located at _latest_filename, which has been provided for easy scripting.

Example script:


image_name=$(curl -s
curl -L -o $image_name

ls -l $image_name
Image Latest URL Latest Filename URL
Fedora Atomic qcow2
Fedora Atomic raw
Fedora Atomic Vagrant libvirt
Fedora Atomic Vagrant VirtualBox
Fedora Atomic ISO Installer

Joining and participating in the Atomic Working Group

We don't have a formalized join process. Signing up on the mailing list, coming to Atomic Working Group meetings, and joining our IRC channel are good ways to get involved.

Mailing List

We primarily use upstream Atomic mailing list for any Project Atomic related discussions

We use Fedora Atomic mailing list for all automated messages

Prior to 19th July 2017, automated messages can be found at Fedora cloud mailing list archives


There are two IRC channels that can be used for Atomic related communications.

* #atomic on
* #fedora-atomic on

Please have all discussions on the Project Atomic upstream channel #atomic. #fedora-atomic should only be used if the topic is extremely fedora specific and related to release engineering details.

Haven't used IRC for communication before? More information on how to use IRC is available here.


The Fedora Atomic Working Group has a weekly meeting. The meeting usually happens in #fedora-meeting-1 on and the schedule for the meeting can be found here: Currently, meetings are at 1700 UTC on Wednesdays, but that timeslot will be changing in November 2017.

At minimum 51% of the voting members of the Atomic WG must be in attendance in order to make decisions on meeting items. The definition of voting members is that of those who have self identified themselves as participants of the Working Group by adding their names below and being ratified in a Fedora Atomic meeting. A quorum vote is required to approve a decision on behalf of the working group, not simply the majority vote of those in attendance of any particular meeting.

Steps to run the meeting

  • #startmeeting fedora_atomic_wg
  • #topic Roll Call

Wait for 2 minutes for the roll call.

  • #chair all the people present for the meeting
  • #topic Action items from last meeting

^^ Find the last meeting log from

Do the following for each ticket

  • #topic Ticket subject link_to_the_ticket

When all the tickets are over, go for Open floor

  • #topic Open Floor
  • #endmeeting

Working Group Members and Points of Contact

At a later date we will likely establish a formal on-boarding process for new community members but at this time if you're interested in joining, please attend a Fedora Atomic meeting and introduce yourself and your interest in the project.


What we're working on

We have an issue tracker here: