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About test days

Test days are scheduled to provide a place and time during which testers can get involved by actively testing the current development of the Audio Creatoin spin. We hope to attract testers with varied audio needs:

- sheet music
- midi / drum sequencing
- recording from real instruments via varying hardware interfaces
- processing and effects usage
- audio output to various output interfaces.

It is likely that a variety of issues will be found. We ask that both successes and problems be added to the particular test day page test matrix. For problems, consider chatting with other contributors to decide if a bugzilla entry should be created.

Even if you can't make a test day, you can still help by adding your successes / failures to the most recent test day test matrix.

Planned test days

2012-xx-xx Test day 2

Past test days

2012-07-26 Test day 1