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A pre-configured Fedora spin, with the most outstanding audio software ready for novice audio creators to put to work. The aim is to release at the next Fedora release (14), due to go live around 2010-10-01. A serious amount of testing needs to be performed, with the expectation that any elements that seem to make using the spin unreliable should be culled from the spin before release. At the time of Fedora release, the collaborators shall meet to determine whether to push the spin as a fully marketed cd/dvd, or whether to leave it in the wild for continued appraisal until the next Fedora cycle.


  • 2010-07-22: Creation of the Spin Development page.
  • 2010-07-18: There has been renewed interest on the music list in developing a Fedora Music Creation spin.



If any of these areas interest you, please put your name next to an item, and indicate when you think you might be able to complete the task, etc.

  • Develop list of primary audio packages.
  • Develop list of other audio packages.
  • Develop list of system tweaks to improve the user experience.
  • Build initial kickstart file based on primary audio packages.
  • Publish the first cut via torrent/site for SIG feedback.
  • Cool name for the spin.
  • Confirm collaborators added to page.
  • Prioritize tasks, and assign tasks to people.
  • Artwork for themes and CDs/DVDs.

Primary Audio Packages

The spin developers consider this group of packages to cover key audio creation areas.

Written Music / Sheet Music

  • LilyPond
    • LilyPond-mode for Emacs
    • Frescobaldi
    • InkScape
    • LilyPondTools for jEdit

Simple Recording

  • audacity [1.3.12-beta]
  • ardour


  • SuperCollider
  • PD-extended
  • Keyboard:
    • zynaddsubfx
  • Effects:
    • rakarrack

Sound Server and Configuration

  • qjackctl
  • jack or jack2


  • USB audio capture/output
  • FFADO - FireWire audio capture/output
  • MIDI receive and transmit

Other Audio Packages

These packages would be nice to have but might not be ready in time, too large, not packaged for fedora. Other's might provide an alternative should some of the primary goal items not be achievable.

  • jack2
  • real time kernel


We want to keep track of new and existing bugs. Maybe some cached BugZilla queries?

Links to Further Information

  • Audio Software Packaging
  • Packages Requiring Testing (koji and bodhi)