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(make it clear that autoqa is DEAD)
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{{admon/important|This project is obsolete|We're working on replacing this project with [[Taskotron]]. AutoQA is no longer being developed.}}
'''This project is no longer active. It is replaced by [[Taskotron]].'''
= Introduction =
'''AutoQA''' is an automated test system for Fedora. Its design is simple: when certain events occur, AutoQA launches automated tests.  Events that AutoQA monitors include:
* New packages in the [ koji build system]
* New Fedora updates submitted through [ bodhi]
* Updated package repositories for [[Releases/Rawhide|rawhide]], the current [[Releases/Branched|branched]] release ({{FedoraVersion|long|next}}), and previous Fedora releases
* Updated installable images of the current [[Releases/Branched|branched]] release ({{FedoraVersion|long|next}})
See '''[ AutoQA results web interface]'''.
= Get Involved =
Just looking?  Follow the links below for general information on the AutoQA project.
* Examine [ the current list of tests]
* Review [ the current test events being monitored]
* Review [{{CURRENTYEAR}}-{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}/thread.html recent test results] or [ sign-up for test result notification]
Interested in writing tests?
* Read [[Writing AutoQA Tests]] and [[Verifying AutoQA tests]]
* Should your test require a new method to trigger testing, read [[Writing AutoQA Events and Watchers]] ''(optional)''
* Integrate your test with AutoQA - [[Install and configure AutoQA]]
How about contributing back to the AutoQA project?
* Familiarize yourself with the [[AutoQA_architecture|architecture overview]] and [[AutoQA_Roadmap|development roadmap]]
* Checkout the code -- [;a=summary autoqa.git]
* AutoQA uses the [[Autotest]] test harness, learn more by visiting [[Autotest]]
* AutoQA also has a set of [[AutoQA_Self_Testing|self tests]] that could always be expanded.
= Communicate =
Please contact us!  We look forward to your ideas and suggestions.
* [ qa-devel] is the mailing list for development discussion of the AutoQA project
* [ autoqa-results] is where automated test results are submitted.  This is intended for test results review only.
* Talk about AutoQA on the permanent QA IRC channel {{fpchat|#fedora-qa}}
* Visit the project development page at

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This project is no longer active. It is replaced by Taskotron.