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This project is obsolete
We're working on replacing this project with Taskotron. AutoQA is no longer being developed.
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AutoQA is an automated test system for Fedora. Its design is simple: when certain events occur, AutoQA launches automated tests. Events that AutoQA monitors include:

  • New packages in the koji build system
  • New Fedora updates submitted through bodhi
  • Updated package repositories for rawhide, the current branched release (Fedora 34), and previous Fedora releases
  • Updated installable images of the current branched release (Fedora 34)

See AutoQA results web interface.

Get Involved

Just looking? Follow the links below for general information on the AutoQA project.

Interested in writing tests?

How about contributing back to the AutoQA project?


Please contact us! We look forward to your ideas and suggestions.