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This is the main page for the AutoQA Packaging Activity Day, which is a FAD focused on identifying and packaging remaining build dependencies for Echo-package-16px.pnggwt. The gwt package is a build dependency for Autotest.


The primary purpose for the event is gather Fedora packaging and java experts to help ...

  1. Identify all remaining unpackaged build dependencies
  2. Package unpackaged build dependencies
  3. Convert existing JPackages to packages acceptable for Fedora

In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:

  1. Start package submission and review according to Package Review Process
  2. Update existing Package-x-generic-16.pnggwt and Package-x-generic-16.pngautotest packages as needed

Detailed Work Items

For a detailed list of gwt package dependencies, see User:Jlaska/gwt.


The following table lists availability for key FAD participants. Once a date is selected, a new chart will be used to list all participants.

Key Participant Availability
Name Location Apr 08 - 11 Apr 15 - 18 Apr 22 - 25 Apr 29 - May 02 May 06 - 09 May 13 - 16
jlaska Raleigh, NC, USA YES YES NO (unable to cancel prior commitment) YES
akurtakov Bulgaria, Pazardzhik NO NO NO NO YES YES
overholt Toronto, Ontario, Canada YES YES (except 18th) YES YES (except evening of the 1st) YES (except afternoon/evening of the 8th) NO
mef Edinburgh, Scotland, UK YES YES (@ Toronto)
mbooth NE Derbyshire, England, UK YES YES YES YES YES
dbhole Toronto, Ontario, Canada NO NO YES YES YES (ex. 7th evening) YES (ex. 14th)

Pre-FAD Planning

  1. Identify potential key participants (User:overholt, User:mef, User:mbooth, User:dbhole, User:akurtakov)
  2. Solicit FAD participants (for java experts, send mail to java-devel, for packaging experts, send mail to packaging
  3. Choose a event date that best fits with key participants -- currently working towards May 13-16
  4. Select a venue based on participants and date -- Toronto seems best
  5. Figure out how much this will cost
  6. Identify and resolve any travel restrictions (passport or visa limitations)


Time (EDT) Details
Thursday, 2010-MM-DD
Friday, 2010-MM-DD
1000 Sessions start
1800 Wrap up/depart for dinner (possible late-night hacking?)
Saturday, 2010-MM-DD
1000 Sessions start
1800 Wrap up/depart for dinner
Sunday, 2010-MM-DD


Snacks/Beverages: Details go here.

Lunch: Details go here.

Dinner: Details go here.


Contributor Arrival Departure Estimated Cost
Dept Arrv Dept Arrv Airfare Hotel Total
jlaska RDU YYZ YYZ RDU $510 TODO $510
akurtakov SOF YYZ YYZ SOF $900 TODO $900
mef EDI YYZ YYZ EDI $635 TODO $635
overholt NA NA NA NA $0 $0 $0
mbooth MAN YYZ YYZ MAN $668 TODO $668
dbhole NA NA NA NA $0 $0 $0
Total $2713 $0 $0