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This page is intended to be a comprehensive list of all the ways people will interact with AutoQA. This page will detail activities for test developers, administrators, release engineers and package maintainers,. This page follows a similar design to the Fedora_Talk_Admin_Cases and related pages.

  • If the use case works today, there should be a link to a wiki page explaining how to do it
  • If the use case does not exist yet, there should be a link to an AutoQA Ticket.

Test Developer Use Cases

The following use cases are aimed at Roger

Write a test

  • What guidelines can we offer for a test?
  • Is there a hello world example?

Fix an existing test

  • Where is the code?
  • How are patches submitted
  • Where are patches discussed

Integrate a test into AutoQA

  • How do you know it works when running inside AutoQA?

Administrator Use Cases

These use cases are aimed at Nancy. Nancy is a member of the Fedora Infrastructure team and has been asked to help the AutoQA project with sysadmin tasks that require access to infrastructure systems and tools.

Create a AutoQA system from scratch

Add a new test system to AutoQA

Recover a failed test system

Remove a test system

Update puppet configuration

Release Engineer Use Cases

Prevent breaking updates repo dependencies

Package Maintainer Use Cases

Ned is the maintainer of several packages in Fedora. After having dealt with a several reoccurring bugs in the last round of updates to his packages, Ned would like to write some tests to help capture the failures before they happen.

Write a test

  1. See #Write_a_test perhaps?
  2. Where do they store the tests? In CVSDist?

Run the test(s) manually

Test for proper integration of the test(s)