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Fedora Events: BRUCON 2009 Evere, Belgium

This page provides all the information that people need regarding Fedora's presence at Brucon in 2009.


France has HACKFR. The Netherlands have HAR (Hacking at Random). Luxemburg has HACKLU. Germany has the Chaos Computer Congress. Now finally, Belgium has BruCON!! The spirit of the congress is an event organized by and for the hacker(*) and computer security community. Spread the word !!

When and Where

  • September 18 - September 19

BRUCON 2009 is located at Google Maps

The primary Ambassador for this event is Bert Desmet.


Please add yourself to the list below if you are planning to attend, and would like to represent Fedora somehow.

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Name I need sponsorship Comments
Bert Desmet
Till Maas


If you are speaking at a lightning track, please put your name here:


Any materials you may want to bring in order to work on a project, or talk about Fedora.

  • Bert Desmet
    • some fedora folders
    • some fedora stickers
    • maybe some live cd's


For travel directions consult Brucon travel guide