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Bacula is our backup solution. Our backups run to backup01 and ultimately to a tape robot

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-main

Location: Phoenix

Servers: backup01

Purpose: Our backup solution

Troubleshooting and Resolution

You can get to the bacula management console with:

sudo /usr/sbin/bconsole

From there you can get a overview status with:

status dir

Or a more specific status on the tape drive with:

status 2 2

Intervention Required

If the tapes fill up, it may be required to purge the oldest volume. This is done with the purge command. Select volume, then a list of volumes comes up. Pick the oldest volume that has not already been purged or recycled.

list volumes



It will ask you for the media-id or volume -id. Enter the one from the oldest tape listed above in list volumes.

After that the oldest tape will be purged, but bacula may not resume on it yet. You need to load the tape to make sure it realizes it can go on:


It will ask for the device (say tape), then ask for the slot id. Enter the number from above in list volumes.

Mysql insert failures

Sometimes backups will fail with a:

Fatal error: Can't fill File table Query failed: INSERT INTO File (FileIndex, JobId, PathId, FilenameId, LStat, MD5)SELECT batch.FileIndex, batch.JobId, Path.PathId, Filename.FilenameId,batch.LStat, batch.MD5 FROM batch JOIN Path ON (batch.Path = Path.Path) JOIN Filename ON (batch.Name = Filename.Name): ERR=Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

This error is a issue with the old bacula and mysql we have, and there's not much to be done about it. Start a new backup if one is needed or wait for the next backup to complete.