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Ideas for badges in Fedora!

Category Name How do you get it? Artwork ideas?
Ask.fpo SuperGuru Answer 20 questions with answers that have been confirmed.
Bugzilla/Trac First steps Complete an easyfix task
Design Team Free Photographer Submit a supplemental wallpaper to Fedora.
IRC Bot talk Talk to a Fedora bot.
IRC Fedora host Used a Fedora hostmask for the first time.
IRC Social Butterfly Joined more than 10 #fedora-* channels.
IRC In Demand Pinged at least 20 times in #fedora-channels.
IRC Role Player Used /me in #fedora-* channels at least 20 times.
IRC Nightowl Active in IRC past midnight local time at least 10 times.
Websites CSS Master Checked in 50 CSS changes to the fedora-web repo.
Wiki Junior Editor Edited at least 10 wiki pages.
Wiki Associate Editor Edited at least 20 wiki pages.
Wiki Senior Editor Edited at least 50 wiki pages.
Wiki Master Editor Edited at least 200 wiki pages.