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Event Information

The SFD event wiki page All Fedora activities would be listed separately here and linked to that main page.


Software Freedom Day Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

This year, SFD would be also organized by fedora volunteers in Belgaum, a city in Karnataka State of INDIA. During this day, a lot of activities would be held for Science students and also for general public. Our goal in this celebration is to educate the public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere!

'Happy Software Freedom Day'


Responsible People

Lecturer in Physics * Lecturer in Chemistry** Lecturer in Computer Science#

And many Science Student volunteers

Event Schedule

September 20, 2014: Software Freedom Day event

Spreading the word

  • Public announcement on relevant Fedora Mailing Lists
  • Register with Global SFD Community ( already registered Belgaum SFD )

SFD Session Ideas

  • Introduction to FOSS
  • FOSS For Everyone
  • FOSS with Fedora ( Demo of Fedora Live DVD with Educational Science software) by Praveen Patil
  • Install Fest - Help people install Fedora or other distros of their choice [it's Freedom :) ]
  • Contributing to FOSS
  • Swag distribution booth ( Stickers, fedora DVDs, Foss information brochures etc...)

Fedora Booth

At Fedora booth volunteers will be helping people with fedora installation, distribute fedora media disks and swag.

A special awarness session will be arranged for science students to help them take their first steps towards FOSS with Fedora.

ExpEYES Booth

ExpEYES is an Open Source Pocket Science Lab. Here we will be demonstrating experiments with ExpEYES.

A Fedora 20 based live DVD with ExpEYES software will be distributed to interested science students.

Event Report
Please use this section to document and report about the event. Nice things to see in this section are blog posts about the event, pictures from the event, and anything else that might be valuable to showing the success of our participation in the event. If there were any "lessons learned" or problems that others might benefit from seeing please do include those here too. Some general information about report expectations can be found on the Event Reports page.

Links to presentations/other resources