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Brain dump. Comments welcome and appreciated, on the talk page.

Current Flaws


  1. Understands "use base", "use parent", etc, constructs.
  2. Understands Moose
    1. "extends" - subclassing
    2. "with" - roles
    3. "metaclass" - metaclasses
    4. "traits" - metaclass roles
  3. Understands Catalyst plugin speficication syntax
    • This should be extensible to other module classes
  4. Doesn't generate duplicates. e.g.: perl(Foo) and perl(Foo) >= 1.9
  5. Better able to deal with the wonders of Perl versioning; e.g.
    • 1.20a stays 1.20a
    • 1.20 becomes 1.020000 (version triplet)


  1. Should we attempt to compile? (a la perl -wc or Module::ScanDeps)
    • PROS: highly accurate
    • CONS: may fail for a variety of reasons
  2. Should we try to normalize the versions?