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= Bitcamp Hackathon, Spring 2015 =  
= Bitcamp Hackathon, Spring 2016 =  
== Dates/Location ==
== Dates/Location ==
* Friday, April 8th to Sunday, April 10th, 2015
* Friday, April 8th to Sunday, April 10th, 2016
* [ University of Maryland]
* [ University of Maryland]
* 11 Regents Dr, College Park, MD 20740
* 11 Regents Dr, College Park, MD 20740
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[[Category:Events 2016]] [[Category:Events]] [[Category:Hackathon]]

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Bitcamp Hackathon, Spring 2016



Event Description

Bitcamp is a hackathon, where students from all over the country flock to the University of Maryland of a weekend of coding. They create things, solve practical problems, compete for prizes, and interact with sponsors.

Google's definition of a hackathon: an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Event Owners

Chaoyi Zha

Fedora Representatives

more to come

Event Schedule

Saturday 18th, morning: check-in Sunday 19th, evening: check-out

Detailed schedules to come.


  • We need an event box
  • Swag to give out: pens, stickers, media?
  • Mentoring at Bitcamp (if you can code, please sign up)

Important Deadlines

Create ticket Approve funds Logo authorization needed ASAP

Event Budget

Item Cost Comments
[Sponsorship] Trac Ticket $1000
Shipping of event box $TBD
Swag, media, flyers $TBD
Travel subsidies $TBD

Travel Subsidy Requests

Travel Subsidy Requests
Each attendee requesting travel subsidies for the event should be listed here including the information requested in Sponsoring Event Attendees.
  • Chaoyi Zha (FAS: cydrobolt)
    • Travel: < ~$60 for Greyhound
  • Justin W. Flory (FAS: jflory7)
    • Travel: $61
    • Lodging: $TBD
    • Food: $TBD
    • Misc.: $TBD

Event Report

N/A yet