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Blogs.fp.o is an instance of Wordpress MU running on the Fedora Infrastructure, meant to give contributors and teams their own blogs associated with Fedora.

Appropriate content

The guidelines of appropriate content for Planet apply to blogs.fp.o.

Reporting inappropriate content

Inappropriate content is to be reported in the same fashion as with Planet, either find a blog admin on #fedora-websites or mail the Fedora Webmaster.

Managing of inappropriate content

  1. Don't touch the database. Wordpress is likely to get angry if you do so.
  2. If you're in the blogadmin FAS group, first send an email to the webmaster email address, and a private email to the offender so everyone is informed about the offense.
  3. After everyone is informed, be sure to at least unpublish the offending content, if not move to the trash of Wordpress.