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{{admon/warning|Board Replaced by Council|This document is '''obsolete''' and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on [ 2014-09-09] the [[Council|new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council)]] is in effect since 2014-11-26.}}
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The following [[Elections|elections]] will take place in May/June 2013:
* [[Board_nominations|Fedora Project Board]] (three seats)
* [[Development/SteeringCommittee/Nominations|FESCo (Engineering)]] (five seats)
* [[FAmSCo_nominations|FAmSCo (Ambassadors)]] (four seats)
* [[Name suggestions for Fedora 20|Fedora 20 Name]] (separate schedule from the committee elections)
All dates and times noted are UTC time.
= Fedora Board Elections May/June 2013 =
For the last election, please look at [ NominationsNovDec2012 ]
There are three seats up for elections this period:
* E3: currently held by [[User:Sparks|Eric Christensen]]
* E4: currently held by [[User:Nb|Nick Bebout]]
* E5: currently held by [[User:Pbrobinson|Peter Robinson]]
More information on board seats history is available [[History_of_Board_seats|here]]
{{admon/note|Eligible Voters|Voting eligibility is determined by a community member's Fedora Account System ([ FAS]) memberships.<br/> <br/>To vote for the [[Board|Fedora Project Board]] you must have cla_done in FAS.}}
== Candidate Template ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Goal statement''':
* '''Past work summary''':
* '''Future plans''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
=== Questionnaire ===
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<!--{{admon/warning|Candiates, don't post your answers on the wiki yet|Once the questionnaire period is over, the Elections Wrangler will collect the answers and post them at the same time. This attempts to make things more even and fair for candidates to be open with their answers and not copy from earlier responses.}}-->
= Candidates =
== [[User:jwboyer|Josh Boyer]] (jwb) ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Mission statement:'''
**To ensure Fedora remains a high quality, leading edge distribution with a variety of uses.
* '''Past work summary:'''
** I have been a Fedora user since its inception, and a Fedora contributor since around Fedora Core 4. In the past I've held positions on the Fedora Board and Fedora rel-eng teams. I was also part of the PowerPC secondary architecture effort. I've been on FESCo off and on since 2006. I am currently one of the three Fedora kernel maintainers.
* '''Future plans:'''
** Continue to let developers and contributors accomplish what they need with a minimum amount of process and overhead.  Continue to look at the distro as a whole with an eye on improving the usability and function for a variety of targets.
== [[User:Sparks|Eric Christensen]] (sparks) ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Mission statement:'''
** To continue to make Fedora as open as possible for as many people and projects.
* '''Past work summary'''.
** Docs Project, packager, and current Board member.
* '''Future plans:'''
** Strive to bring transparency, openness, and community to the Fedora Project.  I'd like to further the concept of the Fedora operating system as a platform as well as make Fedora an easier and better solution for our users when compared to other operating systems.
== [[User:mjg59| Matthew Garrett]] (mjg59) ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Mission statement:'''
** To encourage a Fedora that attracts a diverse community founded on mutual respect and a desire to produce a world-beating Linux distribution.
* '''Past work summary:'''
** I've been a Fedora user since 2008, and am active in various aspects of Fedora development including the kernel and Anaconda. I've served on FESCo and was a founding member of the Community Working Group, helping author the early drafts of our code of conduct and enforcement guidelines. I implemented significant portions of the Fedora UEFI Secure Boot support while at Red Hat, and continue to develop it since I left.
* '''Future plans:'''
** At a technical level, I'm going to continue working to improve Fedora's hardware support and make it as easy as possible for users to get Fedora onto their systems. At a social level, I want to be actively involved in the user base discussion. Fedora isn't just about satisfying the users we have, it's about the users we want - and it's important for us to identify what stands between us and achieving that goal. The hostile tone present on many of our project communication channels is a barrier to involvement and fits poorly with the inclusive focus of much of our publicity. This needs to change.
== [[User:Vicodan| Dan Mashal]] (dan408) ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Mission statement:'''
**  To make Fedora better in any way I possibly can.
* '''Past work summary:'''
** This is both current AND past work:Maintain MATE and Cinnamon desktops, part time end user IRC support in #fedora, QA for 3 Fedora releases: 17, 18 and 19. I am also an active ambassador and maintain a wide variety of packages.
* '''Future plans:'''
* Working on Enlightenment as a new feature coming in Fedora 20.
* Continue hard work on the QA team.
* Continue to be a very active participant in the Ambassadors group.
* Package reviewer/orphan adopter. List of packages I work on/own/maintain/watch:
* Plan to finish working on the MATE-Compiz spin for Fedora 19:
* As a board member I would like to offer a fresh set of opinions. Ones that may or may not be popular but should be expressed. Mainly I would like to solve the issues that recur daily in #fedora for the users. Make it easier for contributors to join Fedora, improving our design choices and our reputation for overall stability.
== [[User:Hguemar| Haïkel Guémar]] (number80) ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Mission statement:'''
**  Ensure that Fedora community grows steadily and in a healthy way.
* '''Past work summary:'''
** Package maintainer since 2006 (mostly python & gtkmm related stuff)
** Active Ambassador since 2006
** Fedora Community Member since 2004
* '''Future plans:'''
** As a board member, i'll ensure that Fedora remains Fedora, it means a community-driven project that strives to lead and promote FOSS solutions. I won't tell you what to do but i'll listen and help to remove any impediments that bother our contributors and our broader community.
** Help to redefine a shared vision and common goals, that's what we currently lacking.
** About Fedora as a Platform vs Fedora as a Product (aka FaaP FaaP): i'm clearly a platform proponent though I agree that we need a strong product (Desktop spin) to attract more users (and so on, more contributors). We're lacking in three areas to improve that situation: QA which is man-lacking, tools (we need to push copr, improve automated QA), stronger SIGs
** Fedora is a contributors driven project, contributors should have the last say in technical matters. We need to give more visibility to SIGs and find how we could make them more efficient.
** The board represent the larger community, it includes end users not contributors only, we have to find how we could voice their concern to the contributors (SIGs or Fesco) without interfering.
** The board is *servant leadership*, board members should spend more time meeting contributors and users, we can't voice them unless. All the candidates are active contributors but we have to get out of our comfort zone.
** Improve our recruiting process: make the new contributors feel welcome, push outreach programs, put the *Friends* back in how we handle relationships between contributors. That includes working more closely with the Ambassadors board to better promote Fedora and liven the outreach programs.

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Board Replaced by Council
This document is obsolete and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on 2014-09-09 the new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council) is in effect since 2014-11-26.