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This is the nomination page for [[Board/Elections| Fedora Board elections]].  There is a separate page for the [[history of Board seats]].
{{admon/warning|Board Replaced by Council|This document is '''obsolete''' and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on [ 2014-09-09] the [[Council|new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council)]] is in effect since 2014-11-26.}}
In May/June 2010 there are three seats up for election.  The seats open are currently held by Dennis Gilmore, Mike McGrath, and Tom Callaway.
== Name (IRC nickname) ==
* '''Goal statement''':
* '''Past work summary''':
* '''Future plans''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
== Tom Callaway (spot) ==
* '''Goal Statement:''' To help identify areas of long-term improvement
* '''Past work summary:''' I have happily served as a twice-elected member of the Fedora Board, and am I asking for your vote for my third term. I am currently employed by Red Hat (since 2001). I am the Fedora Engineering Manager inside Red Hat, leading a team of full-time Fedora contributors working at Red Hat, and acting as a liason between Red Hat and the community. I have been active in Fedora since its inception, serving on FESCo, chairing the Fedora Packaging Committee, and acting as the Fedora Legal point of contact. I've recently been involved with the CLA overhaul efforts, as well as working with the Fedora SPARC Architecture team to get a release out. I have more than 350 packages in Fedora, and I represent Fedora proudly at public events as part of the Fedora Ambassador team. I'm also involved with Fedora release engineering, and general troubleshooting that needs doing.
* '''Future Plans:'''  I think that Fedora is doing a lot of things right, but we still have areas for improvement. I believe strongly in usability, both in the software and in our community. I feel that the Board should be a place where we can set big goals for multiple releases, to inspire and direct our community forward. I plan to encourage Fedora to grow in new areas, while minimizing red-tape. It should be fun to participate in Fedora, and I want to work towards efforts to involve our userbase and give them the chance to become contributors.
* '''Anything else:'''  Turtles. Cute, little turtl... wait. WHO POURED RADIOACTIVE OOZE ALL OVER MY CUTE BABY TURTLES? Now I have to teach them the ways of Ninjitsu. :/
== Stephen Smoogen (smooge) ==
* '''Goal statement''': To make sure that open parts of the board meetings are recorded/reported, and closed things are reported when they can be. To ensure that we great failures with a smile and a laugh and learn what to do better next time.
* '''Past work summary''': I am what one calls a Red Hat Old-Timer. I worked for Red Hat from 1997 to 2001 in Technical Support, Systems Administration, and Coffee Making. I left in 2001 due to health reasons (too much Coffee Making) and went to work for .gov world in early 2002. I worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories in network services, Sandia National Laboratories as a general Unix administrator, and then the University of New Mexico in network services/general Unix administration. During this time I used my spare time on the Fedora Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL), and also working with the CentOS team on Quality Assurance and other things. I went back to work at Red Hat in 2009, and have been working as Fedora Infrastructure's Pimply Faced Oldguy. In that time I have come to know many of the smaller projects and programs that Fedora has.
* '''Future plans''': Fedora is in many ways a classic startup and in other ways it is absolutely not. Having worked at multiple startups, Fedora is going through many of the same startup growing pains as people try to identify with what it really means to work with/for/on Fedora versus other things. And yet Fedora is not a startup but also a community that attracts certain people and ideas. What those are change over time which is actually a wonderful thing as only dynamic communities can grow to acquire new ideas and people. All of which boils down to using my experience to help show alternatives and where other groups found dead ends.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': I deeply believe in the statement: “The core skill of innovators is error recovery, not failure avoidance." by Randy Nelson of Pixar.
== Máirín Duffy (mizmo) ==
* '''Goal Statement:''' To champion a coherent user experience vision for Fedora.
* '''Past work summary:''' I'm a senior interaction designer with Red Hat. I've been using Fedora as my primary desktop since 2004, and I have been the team lead of the Fedora Design team (formerly art team) since 2006. With the help of my design team colleagues I helped establish an open, community-based process for producing Fedora's artwork, using & creating openly-licensed materials and using the free & open source tools in Fedora to do it. Some of the projects I've worked on Fedora in the past year include:
** The [ Fedora Community] UI design
** [ The new Fedora Spins website]
** [ The new redesign] (still an on-going project)
** [ The Anaconda storage UI redesign] (coming out in F13)
** [ The authconfig-gtk redesign] (coming out in F13)
** Wrote a [ case study of working in Fedora as a designer] for the [ FLOSS HCI workshop at CHI 2010] and represented Fedora at the event.
** [ Gave a talk to the RPI Center for Open Source students about contributing to Fedora]
** Led a [ volunteer effort] to identify and get quality openly-licensed fonts packaged in Fedora.
You can read more about these projects and others I've worked on in pretty good detail [ on my blog] and should I be elected to the Board you can expect to continue to keep up with my efforts via my blog (which is syndicated on [ Planet Fedora].
* '''Future Plans:''' The Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen said, "Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context--a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan." I believe that for Fedora to have the best user experience of all (not just Linux-based) operating systems, we need to consider Fedora in its next larger context - our users' lives - and set a solid vision we can all unite around and align our work to as we move forward. As a Fedora Board member, I want to work with you all and shepard the creation of that vision. I'd like us to illustrate it using stories, comic strips, video, and mockups to keep us inspired and help us work together towards the same overarching goals. This kind of vision-setting in organizations, by the way, is typically done in a closed manner, without community participation. I want Fedora to be the shining example of how this can be done openly in the community, [ just as we are with our artwork and brand].
* '''Anything else:''' You can read a bit about the challenges I think we need to overcome [ in my CHI 2010 paper].
== Larry Cafiero (lcafiero) ==
* '''Goal statement''': To maintain the high standards and improve, where necessary, the current Fedora experience for both casual users as well as for those in the community who make Fedora a reality on a daily basis.
* '''Past work summary''': I currently serve as Fedora's Regional Ambassador for the US West Coast states (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii) and as an Ambassador mentor in North America. I have maintained ownership of various events on behalf of Fedora over the last two years, ranging from introducing Fedora at LUG meetings and other FOSS groups to organizing Fedora's representation at large events including (but not limited to) the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), Utah Open Source Conference and OSCON. I have also had a hand in recently reconstituting the Campus Ambassador program; I was a student at the time it was originally formed, but since I am no longer a student, I serve the Campus Ambassadors in a de facto advisory capacity.
* '''Future plans''': The Board has done an exceptional job in making participation in Fedora a positive experience overall, while also maintaining a high degree of leadership in directing Fedora toward positive goals. As a board member, I would work to continue to maintain this high standard, building on and expanding Fedora where its strengths lie, and improving those facets that need attention. Thoughtful people realize that leadership comes from the bottom up and not from the top down, and community input is vital in achieving the board's goals. Also, I agree with Tom Callaway and echo his sentiments when he says, "It should be fun to participate in Fedora, and I want to work towards efforts to involve our user base and give them the chance to become contributors."
* '''Anything else you want to add''': Vote for Laramie as the Fedora 14 name.
== Rex Dieter (rdieter) ==
* '''Goal statement''': Working on sustaining the scope and improving the productivity of a maximally inclusive Fedora development community
* '''Past work summary''': [[ Board/History | Former (inaugural) Board member]], former member of FESCo, a leader of the [[ SIGs/KDE | KDE SIG]], and current member of fedora [[ Packaging/Committee |Packaging Committee]].
* '''Future plans''':
** Improving the way the project works in such a way that a large scope can be maintained and that everyone within that scope can be equally productive.
** Improving processes to ensure the scalability of our development community
* '''Anything else you want to add''': [ Go Cubs].
== John McDonough (jjmcd) ==
* '''Goal statement''': To make Fedora better
* '''Past work summary''':  I have been a member of the Fedora Docs Project for a number of years now.  Prior to that, I have a long and varied experience with software development and deployment at all levels, from being a member of a team doing coding, to conceptualizing multi-million dollar software projects.  I have worked with computers ranging from IBM mainframes down to embedded microcontrollers, and with systems from the ancient IBM 1620 up to Fedora 13.  Yes, I absolutely am a geek.  My first computer was an 8008 with 256 bytes of RAM, all hand-soldered together on perfboard.  I am trained as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and have consulted worldwide with some of the world's largest software companies to help them improve their development process.
* '''Future plans''': I see a number of opportunities I think we should pursue:
** We need to make the path for new contributors smoother.  It is hard to attract contributors, but when we do find them, their path into the project is often rocky.  We try to welcome new folks, but we aren't very good at quickly finding them rewarding places to contribute.  We need to improve that.
** We need fewer surprises in the release cycle.  Over the past few releases we have gotten better and better at keeping on track, but we still have a way to go.  Much of this, in my opinion, is the free availability of information.  We try very hard to be open, but much of what people need to know is either not written down, or it is written in places where people can't find it.  People are often blindsided by discussions that others thought were well communicated.  We need to make information flow more freely.
** We need to make better use of data.  We have a lot of data, in some places not enough or not the right data, but we don't make the best use of what we have.  Whenever possible we should make decisions based on data, and for that to happen the data, like the rest of our information, needs to be accessible and understandable. We need to make data visible.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': Lord Kelvin said, ''"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."''  Sage advice.

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Board Replaced by Council
This document is obsolete and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on 2014-09-09 the new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council) is in effect since 2014-11-26.