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<!--{{admon/important|The nomination period is CLOSED. The nomination period ended at 23:59:59 UTC on May 15, 2012.}}-->
{{admon/warning|Board Replaced by Council|This document is '''obsolete''' and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on [ 2014-09-09] the [[Council|new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council)]] is in effect since 2014-11-26.}}
<!--{{admon/important|The nomination period has not yet begun. Please wait for the elections announcement}}-->
{{admon/important|We're OPEN!|The nomination period is in progress!}}
The following [[Elections|elections]] will take place in November/December 2012:
* [[Board_nominations|Fedora Project Board]] (two seats)
* [[Development/SteeringCommittee/Nominations|FESCo (Engineering)]] (four seats)
* [[FAmSCo_nominations|FAmSCo (Ambassadors)]] (three seats)
* [[Name suggestions for Fedora 19|Fedora 19 Name]] (separate schedule from the committee elections)
All dates and times noted are UTC time.
= Fedora Board Elections November/December 2012 =
For the last election, please look at [ NominationsMayJune2012 ]
There are two seats up for elections this year:
* E1: currently held by [[User:Cwickert|Christoph Wickert]]
* E2: currently held [[JaroslavReznik|Jaroslav Reznik]]
More information on board seats history is available [[History_of_Board_seats|here]]
{{admon/note|Eligible Voters|Voting eligibility is determined by a community member's Fedora Account System ([ FAS]) memberships.<br/> <br/>To vote for the [[Board|Fedora Project Board]] you must have cla_done in FAS.}}
== Candidate Template ==
=== Introduction===
* '''Goal statement''':
* '''Past work summary''':
* '''Future plans''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
=== Questionnaire ===
{{admon/warning|CLOSED The questions have not been posted. Please wait for the questionnaire wrangler to contact you!}}
{{admon/warning|Candiates, don't post your answers yet|Once the questionnaire period is over, the Elections Wrangler will collect the answers and post them at the same time. This attempts to make things more even and fair for candidates to be open with their answers and not copy from earlier responses.}}
<!-- The community has submitted the questions that it wants you to answer. The list of questions is here: [[F19_elections_questionnaire#Fedora_Project_Board|F19_elections_questionnaire#Fedora_Project_Board]] -->
= Candidates =
== [[User:jdulaney|John Dulaney]] (j_dulaney) ==
* '''Mission statement:''' To promote Fedora in my role as an ambassador; to continue to develop test criteria for new features coming into Fedora and evolve the QA process as needed to fit with the evolution of Fedora.  I will also strive to make sure that Fedora remains at the forefront of technology and to be the best Free distribution of Linux.
* '''Past work summary''' I am a member of the Fedora Quality Assurance team.  I help write test cases for new features, I am a proven tester (testing critical path software updates), I test new releases starting prior to branching, and I help establish release criteria.  I am also a Fedora Ambassador, especially within the Fayetteville region.  I spread knowledge of Linux in general and Fedora in particular and inform people that they do have a choice for Freedom.
* '''Future plans:''' Strive to improve the testing of Fedora; both personally and collectively throughout the QA team, to continue to educate people on the advantages of Linux and Free Software, and to continue to test Fedora.
== [[User:vicodan|Dan Mashal]] (dan408) ==
*'''Mission statement:''' To make Fedora better in any way I possibly can for users, sysadmins, and developers.
*'''Past work summary:'''
'''Package maintainer:'''<br>
-BitchX and Scrollz IRC clients<br>
-MATE Desktop (official feature of Fedora 18) [ MATE Desktop] <br>
-Co maintainer of Cinnamon DE.<br>
[ My packages]
'''QA team/Triager/Bugzapper/Proventester:'''<br>
Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle)<br>
Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow)<br>
-Held Fedora 17 release party in Walnut Creek, CA.<br>
-Spoke at Silicon Valley Linux Users Group - Aug 1, 2012<br>
-Hosted puppetconf 2012 Fedora booth<br>
-Hosted OLPC Summit 2012 Fedora booth.<br>
-Spoke at Silicon Valley Linux Users Group - Nov 1, 2012'''<br>
*'''Future plans''':
1) Improve communication between groups within Fedora.<br>
2) To make Fedora the "cool" distro to use again. <br>
3) To make Fedora easier to use for everyone. <br>
4) To make it more accessible for the every day person. <br>
5) To make Fedora the #1 free operating system on the planet.<br>
Whether or not this can be accomplished as a board member, I'll do my best to try to get these things accomplished.<br>
*'''Anything else you want to add:'''  The first time I installed Linux it was Slackware in 1996. Since then I had my first encounter with Red Hat Linux was version 5. I have run Fedora on production servers. Fedora is like my 2nd job and my passion and I want to see it be the best distribution it possibly can be.'''
'''People I'd like to thank along the way whether I am elected or not:''' adamw, rdieter, MarkDude, leigh123linux, spot, nirik, inode0, rbergeron, jreznik, mrunge, bochecha, limb, elad661, quaid, lh, randomuser, dcr226, fenrus02, stefano-k, nmarques, perberos, panasnyc, caf, flashback, Amanas, dramsey, FranciscoD, Sonar_Gal, randomuser, dcr226, NiveusLuna, masta, jds2001, dgilmore, nb, cwickert.
By no means is that a list of "you people should vote for me", just a thank you for helping me even get here. Thanks.

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Board Replaced by Council
This document is obsolete and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on 2014-09-09 the new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council) is in effect since 2014-11-26.