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= Fedora Board Nominations =
{{admon/warning|Board Replaced by Council|This document is '''obsolete''' and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on [ 2014-09-09] the [[Council|new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council)]] is in effect since 2014-11-26.}}
This is the nomination page for [[Board/Elections| Fedora Board elections]] .
In December 2008 there are two seats up for election.
== [[User:Mdomsch|Matt Domsch]] (mdomsch) ==
* ''' Goal statement''': Fedora defines and exhibits the best in Free and Open Source software development and release practices, government, and inclusion, and serves as a role model for other communities.
* '''Past work summary''': Member of the Board since its inception in April 2006.  Member of Fedora Infrastructure.  Fedora [[Infrastructure/Mirroring|Mirror Wrangler]] and author of [ MirrorManager].  Fedora packaging sponsor, maintaining 17+ packages.  Monthly I rebuild the entire rawhide tree to catch [[FTBFS|Fails to Build From Source]] failures.  I have been actively involved in the development of Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Fedora since 1999.
* '''Future plans''': Encourage more ways for our millions of users to become active contributors and evangelists.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': I speak only for myself, not my employer, unless otherwise noted.  But if you like Dell gear, I'll take credit too. :-)
== [[DimitrisGlezos|Dimitris Glezos]] (glezos) ==
Nominated by [[MaxSpevack]]
* ''' Goal statement''': Make Fedora one of the best communities to join as a contributor, enjoying a highly productive ecosystem, a clear meritocratic governance model, and strong connections with upstream communities.
* '''Past work summary''': Fedora Localization Steering Committee chair and Documentation Steering Committee member. Development lead of [ Transifex] and Fedora's Translation Infrastructure, presenting them in 10+ international conferences. Worked on the establishment of the Localization Project as a True Fedora Project (tm), coordinated the development migration of Fedora's software repositories to Fedora servers, and led the adoption of translation-specific dates on the Fedora Release Schedule. Founded and currently speaks on behalf of the Greek Fedora Team.
* '''Future plans''': Bring the Fedora Foundation topic again on the table and allow Fedora enjoy much wider support and resource contribution. Continue and further increase the Board's openness and close touch with the community itself (polls, votes, any method of direct democracy) and be the liaison between the Board and our European community. In general, stand on the shoulder of giants and continue walking the great path we're already on.
* '''Anything else you want to add''': A FUDCon on the Parthenon (in hope we won't get arrested)... or.. on a sandy beach on a Greek island next to crystal-clear waters? Hmm. Hmmmmm.
== [[MichaelDeHaan|Michael DeHaan]] (mpdehaan) ==
Nominated by [[JefSpaleta]]
* '''Goal statement''':  The most important thing Fedora can do is listen to and enable our userbase, they are the future of the distribution.  I want to do everything I can to increase the ability of /everyone/ to contribute and get involved in Fedora, including lowering barriers to entry for new contributors and letting folks know of opportunities they might not be aware of and how to get involved in projects.  Seek to convert users to contributors, especially in the academic and IT spaces that are underutilized.  The Seneca cooperation is brilliant, let's do more of that and reach out to colleges and universities wherever possible.  I also want to do everything I can to help EPEL along, promote Fedora Hosted, and encourage more developers to host projects there -- so they can take advantage of all Fedora has to offer. We need to get more open-source ISV's involved with EPEL and find solutions to the things that prevent them from doing so.  I also think we need to do a better job marketing ourselves and promoting our successes, so that the rest of the open source community can learn from us and be aware that Fedora is the wonderful innovative community-run place that it actually is.
* '''Past work summary''':  I started the [ Cobbler] project and am one of the co-creators of [ Func], examples of Fedora Hosted / [ EPEL] projects designed to get systems-administrators involved in the open source development process and sharing tools among one another.  I also am working on [ EKG] to help better understand how our communities tick and how to make them more effective, as well as being one of the proponents of getting [ Spacewalk] open sourced within Red Hat.
* '''Future plans''':  Build on EKG to identify which projects can use more love and where the future excitement is.  Use the resultant data to connect projects with each other.  Bring new projects and users into Fedora. Listen to users.  Reach out to new audiences.  Blog extensively.  Help make decisions that are right for our users.  Declare war on small nations that are easily conquered.  Ignore that last part :)
* '''Anything else you want to add''':  I like llamas.  And Python.
== Name (IRC nickname) ==
* '''Goal statement''':
* '''Past work summary''':
* '''Future plans''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':
== Name (IRC nickname) ==
* '''Goal statement''':
* '''Past work summary''':
* '''Future plans''':
* '''Anything else you want to add''':

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Board Replaced by Council
This document is obsolete and preserved for historic reasons. As decided by the board on 2014-09-09 the new top-level governance (Fedora Project Council) is in effect since 2014-11-26.