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This is the nomination page for Fedora Board elections.

In May/June 2010 there are three seats up for election. The seats open are currently held by Dennis Gilmore, Mike McGrath, and Tom Callaway.

Name (IRC nickname)

  • Goal statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:
  • Anything else you want to add:

Tom Callaway (spot)

  • Goal Statement: To help identify areas of long-term improvement
  • Past work summary: I have happily served as a twice-elected member of the Fedora Board, and am I asking for your vote for my third term. I am currently employed by Red Hat (since 2001). I am the Fedora Engineering Manager inside Red Hat, leading a team of full-time Fedora contributors working at Red Hat, and acting as a liason between Red Hat and the community. I have been active in Fedora since its inception, serving on FESCo, chairing the Fedora Packaging Committee, and acting as the Fedora Legal point of contact. I've recently been involved with the CLA overhaul efforts, as well as working with the Fedora SPARC Architecture team to get a release out. I have more than 350 packages in Fedora, and I represent Fedora proudly at public events as part of the Fedora Ambassador team. I'm also involved with Fedora release engineering, and general troubleshooting that needs doing.
  • Future Plans: I think that Fedora is doing a lot of things right, but we still have areas for improvement. I believe strongly in usability, both in the software and in our community. I feel that the Board should be a place where we can set big goals for multiple releases, to inspire and direct our community forward. I plan to encourage Fedora to grow in new areas, while minimizing red-tape. It should be fun to participate in Fedora, and I want to work towards efforts to involve our userbase and give them the chance to become contributors.
  • Anything else: Turtles. Cute, little turtl... wait. WHO POURED RADIOACTIVE OOZE ALL OVER MY CUTE BABY TURTLES? Now I have to teach them the ways of Ninjitsu. :/