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Nominations open May 7th .
The nomination period is open May 7th-15th.

This is the nomination page for Fedora Board elections. There is a separate page for the history of Board seats.

In May 2011 there are three seats up for election. The seats open are currently held by Tom Callaway, Mairin Duffy, and Rex Dieter.

Name (IRC nickname)

  • Goal statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:
  • Anything else you want to add:

Zach Oglesby (zoglesby)

  • Goal statement: My goal is to continue the growth of Fedora as a premier Linux distribution while keeping focused on the things that make it great. (Our close ties with upstream projects and our stand on freedom.) I believe that the 4 Fs are important to remember when making any decision, they are also the fundamental goals that many people have claimed that Fedora is missing lately.
  • Past work summary: Docs Team
  • Future plans: I would like to get more involved with marketing as well as work on packaging more.

Jon Stanley (jstanley)

  • Goal statement: My goal in being on the Board is to continue to move Fedora forward, with a vision towards the strategic direction of the project. An anti-goal is micromanagement in any way, shape, or form. In my role as a Board member, I actively eschew making technical decisions or overriding community sentiment, no matter how strongly I personally may feel on the topic. There are other forums for that type of influence (or at least being heard, if not directly influencing)
  • Past work summary: Active member of the Infrastructure team, current member of the Fedora Board (appointed seat), package maintainer, active Ambassador (I do the CPOSC event every year, and various other Northeast regional events)
  • Future Plans: Continue making Fedora rock, and help out in any way that I can