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Fedora Board Nominations

This is the nomination page for Fedora Board elections .

Jon Stanley (jds2001)

  • Goal Statement: To help Fedora become a world class operating system, creating contributors rather than fanboys, especially among the "non-traditional" contributor community.
  • Past work summary: Part of what I do for my $DAYJOB is to develop an IT transformation strategy for a wide variety of clients. This involves taking a detailed look at where you are today, and where you want to be. Then my job is to develop a strategy to get you from point A to point B, both at a tactical (how do I confront the challenges that I'm faced with today), as well as a strategic (what do I need to do in the long term to avoid being where I'm at today again?) level. This meshes very well with the mission of the Fedora Board, which engages in high-level steering of the project.

My Fedora contributions include leading the revitalization of the bug triage team, which I believe has been a success. We now have community contributors in this space, simple but aggressive goals, and passionate people outside of Red Hat (myself included). There's a lot of work yet to be done to reach our goals, but we're clearing progressing towards them.

I am also active in the QA arena within Fedora, and I did extensive pre-release testing of Fedora 9, helping to ensure that we had a quality release.

I'm also a package maintainer of a few fonts (for now), and am going to package the awesome MirrorManager that MattDomsch wrote. I also co-maintain the most important utility for EPEL, cowsay :).

Activities that I'm involved in to a lesser extent, however still active, is the Ambassadors, Marketing, Infrastructure, and websites teams.

  • Future Plans: Working on recruiting/retaining "non-traditional" contributors to Fedora. I think that this is a vital growth area, and even though we don't have folks banging down our doors, I think that they just don't know what door to bang down :).
  • Anything else: I possess no notable superpowers.

Tom Callaway (spot)

  • Goal Statement: To increase the visibility of Fedora and encourage a community of contributors rather than simply one of consumers.
  • Past work summary: I am currently employed by Red Hat (since 2001). Currently, I am the Fedora Engineering Manager inside Red Hat, leading a team of full-time Fedora contributors working at Red Hat, and acting as a liason between Red Hat and the community. I have been active in Fedora since its inception, serving on FESCo, chairing the Fedora Packaging Committee, and acting as the Fedora Legal point of contact. I generated the Secondary Architecture guidelines, and have advised the Fedora Board on related matters.

I have more than 250 packages in Fedora, and I represent Fedora proudly at public events as part of the Fedora Ambassador team. I'm also involved with Fedora release engineering, and general troubleshooting that needs doing. On top of all of that, I'm leading the Fedora SPARC effort. :)

  • Future Plans: Continuing growth in Secondary Architectures, simplifying Packaging Guidelines, spreading the Fedora message to the FOSS community at large
  • Anything else: Ninjas. Lots of them.

Josh Boyer (jwb)

  • Goal Statement: Leverage the expertise across the Fedora contributor base to create a productive and friendly environment for all contributors. Continue working towards a complete secondary architecture solution.
  • Past work summary: I own a small number of packages in Fedora, however packaging hasn't been my primary focus. Instead I have been working on Release Engineering, and PowerPC support. I've also been on FESCo for the past two terms, and plan on running again.
  • Future Plans: Continue to ensure Fedora works well on PowerPC and aid again in Release Engineering as I can. Look for ways to bring new contributors into Fedora.
  • Anything else: I have no ninjas, nor superpowers. I don't have campaign finance managers, or TV commercials either.

Jonathan Roberts (JonRob)

  • Goal statement: To be the Fedora handy man. When there's an odd job that needs doing, some persuasive prodding, or perhaps just some words of encouragement to help keep things moving, I'll do it. And of course, to keep up all my traditional Fedora activities :)
  • Past work summary: In the distant past (Fedora 6 and 7) I've worked on various pieces of documentation for Fedora, including the Desktop User and Software Management guides.

More recently (Fedora 8 and 9), I've taken up the batton of persuading developers to answer my questions in the regular developer interviews. The basic goal of these is to provide a chance to demonstrate the innovation that Fedora drives, gaining recognition and respect for the distribution and the individual developers. Excitingly, a number of others are starting to take an interest in this and I'm helping them to run their own interviews. Along similar lines to this, I wrote for Fedora Weekly News for a stint.

Also, I've worked with Rahul Sundaram in the past two releases on the Release Summmary, and wrote the officially whimsical release announcement for Fedora 9.

And finally, I'm currently helping the Websites team out by organising and minuting their meetings. It's not something I've had experience with before, but I'm learning quickly and believe that it's been a valuable contribution as there's a great deal of energy here that will hopefully result in a massive improvement to Fedora's websites in the near future.

  • Future plans: Firstly, I want to find some way to promote free content that people create using Fedora. Perhaps might be a good outlet for this, but there's many options to explore.

Secondly, I'm interning with the Open Rights Group this summer where I'm going to be working on a lobbying project that will involve Fedora live CDs (or USBs - let's see how I go on finding funding!), free content, and lots and lots of MPs :) I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to interact closely with existing, interested communites (such as digital rights organisations) here in the UK and Europe to promote the value of Fedora and our community.

And finally, I want to continue doing my best to ensure that the Fedora community gets the credit it deserves. Thanks to the re-vitalised Marketing team and contributions from Red Hat's professionals, were doing a great job here. I'd like to keep working closely with the team, however, and make sure that as much of this as possible is done out in the open.

  • Anything else: I should probably work at being more concise in the future.

Seth Vidal (skvidal)

  • Goal statement: To continue to keep the stark-raving-crazy things out of fedora. To keep fedora on the straight and narrow path of freedom without throwing a wobbly.
  • Past work summary: I work on yum a handful of packages but a fair bit of my time is spent coordinating various people and convincing folks that we don't really need to jump through nearly as many hoops as you might think. In the past I've been the random go-to guy for anything that needed to happen. Examples:
  • I was the Fedora Extras buildsystem (personally) for fc3 and parts of fc4
  • Planet Fedora,, and the original wiki were all my doing.
  • Future plans: More of where we've been going. Fedora There are a lot of ugly little details of having the board function that I want to make sure continue to happen.
  • Anything else: You would not believe the crazy that would have happened if I had not been there. ;)

Dennis Gilmore (irc:dgilmore fas:ausil)

  • Goal Statement: Continue to work on engineering and infrastructure, Further enable everyone to scratch their itch in fedora by things like Secondary Arches. Continue to break down barriers between OLPC and Fedora. keep things on the Free and OSS path. Ensure that we move forward always. unless we need to step sideways :) but never backwards.
  • Past work summary: Maintain some Packages, member of FESCo, EPEL steering committee, Fedora Buildsystem Lead, Maintain Port of Extras to Aurora, Work with TomCallaway on port to SPARC. Worked on helping OLPC be better fedora citizens.
  • Future plans: Drive forward Secondary Arches, make it easier to participate in fedora and scratch your itch.
  • Anything else: Try keep skvidal in line

Jef Spaleta (irc:spoleeba fas:jspaleta)

  • Goal statement: Enhance fedora's ability to acquire and use resources effectively...especially human capital.
  • Past work summary: Package maintainer, frontline tech support in #fedora. Fedora Map maker
  • Future plans: Continue to make in-roads into the external scientific computing community, and build a place for them inside of Fedora to do do their work. Continue to look for a workable solution in the multimedia arena so that we can begin to generate our own open multimedia content that we can consume out-of-the-box in Fedora. Continue to find ways to datamine our contributor activity to better inform long term strategic planning of Fedora resource commitments. I'll take at least 20% of the credit for getting Max shipped over to Europe through helping to datamine our usage and contributor patterns with the map visualizations of some of the available log data. Install multiple Fedora systems in Antarctica. Find a way to have the Fedora community act as a "corporate" sponsor for my curling club and get a fedora logo buried under the ice on the sheet with a webcam.
  • Anything else:

Just bought a house, with a reasonably large deck, which makes FUDCon Fairbanks Summer 2009 a possibility.

Name (handle)

  • Goal statement
  • Past work summary
  • Future plans
  • Anything else you want to add