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The Fedora Project Board holds at least monthly public meetings on IRC.

To participate, join #fedora-board-meeting[?]. This channel is used by the Board and community members for this meeting, similar to any public channel.

Meeting protocol

There is a meeting protocol to promote an orderly meeting that's helpful to all attendees as well as the Board. The Board has previously tried using no protocol, and those meetings are confusing and hard to discern where questions and discussions end. Therefore, please observe these guidelines during the meeting to ensure a good experience for everyone:

  • Please watch what others are doing and do not interrupt.
  • If you have a question, type ?. You will be added to the end of the speaking queue.
  • If you need to speak, type !. You will be added to the end of the speaking queue.
    • Note that it can speed things up if you have your question or comment typed in ahead of time and just send it when you get approval.
  • If you're done speaking, type eof. That will let others know you're done.
  • If you agree, type +1

This setup promotes an orderly process when the Board takes questions or open issues. The length of the Q&A will depend on availability of the Board members and interest from the community.

We look forward to seeing community members at the meeting. We also hope you will enjoy having a look at some of the Board's work, and encourage you to ask questions.