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(this is not true: man page says default duration is 3 days)
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== Submitting a new override ==
== Submitting a new override ==
{{admon/note|Auto expiration|If you do not specify a 'duration', which is the number of days you wish for it to be active, your override will automatically be expired when your update gets pushed to the 'stable' repository (or gets deleted/unpushed/obsoleted).}}

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Using Bodhi to manage Koji Buildroot Overrides

This document describes how to manage your Koji BuildRoot Overrides using Bodhi. Each section contains URLs for performing actions via the web and commands for doing it from the console.

Legacy method
Legacy method/backup plan: submit releng ticket:

Submitting a new override

    bodhi --buildroot-override=<name-version-release> --duration=5 --notes="Useful details."

Viewing your own overrides

    bodhi --my-overrides [--show-expired]

Viewing all overrides

    bodhi --list-overrides [--show-expired]

Manually expiring your buildroot override<name-version-release>

    bodhi --expire-override=<name-version-release>

Extending your duration or editing override notes<name-version-release>

    bodhi --edit-override=<name-version-release> --duration=10 --notes="Oh hai"