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Using Bodhi to manage Koji Buildroot Overrides

This document describes how to manage your Koji BuildRoot Overrides using Bodhi. Each section contains URLs for performing actions via the web *OR* commands for doing it from the console.

Legacy method
Legacy method/backup plan: submit releng ticket:

Submitting a new override

Auto expiration
If you do not specify an 'expiration', your override will automatically be expired when your update gets pushed to the 'stable' repository (or gets deleted/unpushed/obsoleted).

    bodhi --buildroot-override=<name-version-release> --duration=5 --notes="Useful details."

Viewing your own overrides

    bodhi --my-overrides [--show-expired]

Viewing all overrides

    bodhi --list-overrides [--show-expired]

Manually expiring your buildroot override<name-version-release>

    bodhi --expire-override=<name-version-release>

Extending your duration or editing override notes<name-version-release>

    bodhi --edit-override=<name-version-release> --duration=10 --notes="Oh hai"