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Bodhi is the application that manages updates for Fedora releases. This page describes the rollout of the 2.0 version of that application after many years in development.

Source code / issues

Source code is available on the bodhi github page:

Issues should be reported to the bodhi github page as well:

Rollout schedule / migration

See: for the outage ticket. This migration is took place on 2015-08-19.

Known issues

  • **The bodhi2 cli isn't ready yet, but is being worked on** - Until the full bodhi2 cli is available you should be able to use the web interface for all your needs.
  • The old /usr/bin/bodhi should be able to create bodhi2 updates with python-fedora-0.5.5+, which means fedpkg update should work as well. Other functionality will most likely not work until the new cli tool is released this week.
  • Bodhi2 cannot handle updates for multiple releases at the same time. This will be resolved in the future, but for now you must submit an update for each release seperately.


  • **Bodhi2 claims that my update is locked**, saying: "Locked: This update is currently locked and cannot be modified.". I can't push to stable or edit it! Why!?
    • It means that your update is currently being pushed to a repository -- something new in bodhi2. Normally they shouldn't be locked for a very long time, but in some cases, a push may be failing for several days. Bodhi1 had a problem with race conditions where a push would start, and then someone would change the details on an update in the meantime causing chaos, etc. This locking is meant to mitigate that. If you feel that your update has been locked for an unreasonable amount of time, please file an issue -- as something may be broken.

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