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This SOP covers how to make git and pkgdb branches for packages, either for new packages that have passed review, or for existing packages that need a new branch (e.g. EPEL). Release Engineering has written a script to automate this process.

Normal Action (automated)

1) On your local system (not on an infrastructure hosted system), be sure you have the following packages installed:

  • python-bugzilla
  • python-configobj
  • python-fedora

2) Run "bugzilla login" and successfully receive an Authorization cookie.

3) Clone the fedora-infrastructure tools repository:

git clone ssh://

4) In scripts/process-git-requests, run "process-git-requests". Answer the prompts.

Manual Action

Creating a new branch for an existing package

1) ssh into

2) pkgdb-client edit -u $YOURUSERNAME -b $NEWBRANCH --master=devel $NAMEOFPACKAGE