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Browser Choice Option


Fedora (like many other Linux Distros) comes with Firefox pre-installed. As this is great for some this is bad for others. People should get to choose what they want and not have to go to a site every time there is a new Fedora version. Make things simple for users but do not anger them at the same time. There are two solutions I have thought of.

1. In the Fedora Set-up Agent have a check-box for what browser(s) the user would like to use. Firefox, Opera, and Chromium. By that have an optional button that can help the user decide what browser is best for them by asking them a few questions or giving some basic non-biased information.

2. Have a browser ballot screen. The user would choose their browser after the set-up agent is complete, on the top bar would be some globe representing the Internet. They would click on that and be greeted with a browser ballot screen. Here is an example of a browser ballot screen.