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Determining Correct Component

Fedora bugzilla follows the convention of filing bugs against the source rpm for the compiled program or script which contains the bug. Sometimes there is not an obvious mapping between the name of the program or script, installed (binary) rpm and source rpm. Hopefully the following suggestions will help you narrow it down.

You already know the installed rpm name

$ rpm -qi <name>

Look under the 'Source RPM' field that is bugzilla the component a bug should be filed against

All you know is the command or program name

Find the full path to the command:

$ which <command-name>

Find the name of the rpm that provides the command

$ rpm -qif </full/path/to/command-name>

Or another option is to use yum

$ yum whatprovides <command-name>
$ rpm -qi <name>

We need more examples

FIXME: add more complex examples?