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La chiave per una buona pratica di smistamento consiste nell'essere abili nello scovare e identificare correttamente i bug necessari.

Preformatted Bugzilla Queries

Testing and identifying duplicates can be easier when focusing on a single component. To see which components need triage help, please see BugZappers/Components and Triagers which also has links to get lists of bugs.

BugZappers/Goals has other pre-formatted queries focusing on cross-component searches, such as for EOL versions and potential blocker bugs.

Finding Duplicates

  • Finding duplicates is little more complex than a simple query to bugzilla. See the Finding Duplicates page for more guidance.

List All Bugs

Fedora 9 Fedora 10 Rawhide (devel)






Lists of Bugs per Package Group


base (mandatory)

base (default)


gnome-desktop (mandatory)

gnome-desktop (default)

RSS Feeds

If watching new bugs via RSS appeals to you, there are some feedburner feeds that you can subscribe to: (Feedburner was used basically to shorten URL's here - the direct bugzilla RSS links are about a mile long):

Requested RSS Feeds

If you have an idea for a feed that would be useful for your work or make you a more effective bug triager -- add it here and we'll create a user friendly feed and add it to the list above.

Open requests:

  1. Fedora 9 Bugs in NEEDINFO-REPORTER for more than 30 days
  2. Fedora rawhide Bugs in NEEDINFO-REPORTER for more than 30 days
  3. Fedora 10 Bugs