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One Day Before Release Date

  1. Re-confirm that release day is on track with release engineering.
  2. Enable new Fedora version for GA in Bugzilla & Adjust Product description
    1. Navigate to and you'll see the text there
    2. If you have sufficient bugzilla privelges click on Administration at the top of the screen in bugzilla
    3. Next click on Products
    4. Next click on Fedora
    5. Click on Fedora again
    6. Edit the description -- drafted two weeks before
    7. Scroll waaaaay to the bottom of screen until you come to versions
    8. Add the new version
    9. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen
  3. Confirm execution of rawhide rebase with Red Hat Engineering Operations


  • Confirm exactly what dates makes the most sense to add the new version number