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Please add items you want to see on the meeting agenda to this list.

If you have an item on the agenda but can not attend the meeting, please coordinate with someone that will be attending.

Meeting reminders are sent out on Monday mornings, so please add items to this list before then if you would like them to be included in that email.

Agenda Request List

My IRC Nick Describe the agenda item to add. Full use of Media wiki markup is allowed. Please put actual additions above this one.
tk009 #Topic - HouseKeeping
- Updating the Components and Triagers List
adamw #Topic - Anaconda triage
- anaconda team is interested in having a permanent triager (alindebe is no longer around): ask for volunteers to work with denise
adamw #Topic - Triage metrics
- just a general 'where the hell's brennan', but also look at: