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The Fedora Desktop Bugzilla Client is a project that aims to provide a very easy and simple interface for end users to file bug reports. We aim to built some intelligence into the client. We will collect the Fedora version and component version information, hardware details, log output, SELinux status and other details depending on the component the user chooses to file a bug report against. The client will use python-bugzilla underneath.

Name of the application


  • bugme
  • boog
  • zarro
  • swatter
  • sog

Suggest your own here

What's happening

August 17, 2009: Rahul Sundaram and Kushal Das are brainstorming. Kushal Das is writing a python script based on python-bugzilla that will be provide the actual functionality. Investigating using python bindings for newt or ncurses for a command line app and intend to write a PyGTK application as well.

The basic assumption is that the user is filing the bug report on the system having a problem and we will fallback to a simple wizard otherwise. For any bug report, collect the Fedora version by reading /etc/fedora-release and the specific component version via rpm and fetch the list of components from bugzilla based on the Fedora version and also figure out the source rpm name for any file in the installed system.

Specific Components

For yum, get yum --version information. Based on discussions with Seth Vidal this is the most relevant information.

For Xorg, get /etc/X11/xorg.conf if it exists and /var/log/xorg.log

FIXME: Figure out what components require which information.


We need help with someone from the design team to draw mockups for the PyGTK application. Request filed at

Current Status

We have some code written. A lot more needs to be done


  • Who is the primary target audience?

Non technical end users who want to report bugs in a interactive fashion

  • How is this different from bugbuddy?

Bug Buddy is useful for reporting GNOME specific crashes. However it does not cover all the Fedora packages and lacks integration with the distribution.

  • Why not re-use the BugBuddy codebase for Fedora specific use-cases?

This is being investigated. However this will likely result in a permanent fork due to Fedora specific changes. We are waiting for the mockups from the design team before proceeding

  • How is this different from abrt?

Abrt covers the use case of reporting crashes automatically but not interactive bug reporting.

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